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Ban Report

Posted: 29 Jul 2019 21:10
by kawitfelf
In last 30 minutes i was banned By Gm "Axis" for speed hacking.
It has to be some sort of bug, i cant explain it in other way.
Completly normal farming was Noticed as Speed hacking and as it was in logs i have nothing to talk about.

Its how it looked like in my eyes:
While i was killing monsters in Feralas to get some clothes for friend, i got Speedbuff for 2 seconds. i could move 5x faster. Then after that 2 seconds , instantly " gm "Axis" appeared and Told me that i was speedhacking for last 15 minutes....

I am completely innocent of this whole situation and hope to get unbanned soon.
Greetings, Kawi

Re: Ban Report

Posted: 29 Jul 2019 21:41
by IronSharona
There are no in-game buffs that should create the speed boosts you describe. Having observed you for a length of time where even GM commands could barely keep up with you, alongside your hack reports having a relatively low ping, we are electing to uphold this ban unless further evidence comes forth showing extenuating circumstances. An example would be reporting the buff which you believe you had and a staff member or verified tester confirming that it is giving a significantly higher speed boost than is intentional.

Re: Ban Report

Posted: 29 Jul 2019 22:05
by kawitfelf
as you said there is no speedbuff , by speedbuff i meant just a 5x faster movement for 2 seconds . buffs i got was Shackle undead and other things that "Had to Keep me in place " as i guess.

Hopefully you will somehow find out what happened because i dont have any clue .
As my screen was showing completely diffrent things from what you describe.
I will just repeat myself here that only thing i've been doing was Running in [Feralas] in the camp where Megaweave clothes was dropping because ive seen in guide that its nice place to farm it. ( run towards monster ,kill it >mount/disengage > next monster > repeat and then described before thing occured. )

Well if there's nothing i can do i will just give up everything i was doing in last time on that server..
here is example how innocent Guy Gets F%#@ed up by a system logs and gm's that has its own evidence...
Keep in mind that i never used cheats and didnt even saw any.

if there is any ray of hope to get unbanned its having your trust that i did nothing and its just a B U G .
Greetings ,
Banned Kawi for being innocent

Re: Ban Report

Posted: 30 Jul 2019 00:14
by Axis
Due to extremely unique circumstances with your connection, our anti-cheat system, the results of the diagnostics I asked you to show me and the necessity for our rules to be enforced, your ban will be changed to temporary.

Let it be known that this is a unique case involving mitigating circumstances.
This is not to be taken as a precedent for future hacking incidents with standard permanent bans being overturned.
Each incident will be meticulously examined on a case by case basis. The rules still apply, either way (section 2, rule 12 in this case).