Ban Zeroshadows

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Re: Ban Zeroshadows

#16 » Post by mcheka » 10 Jan 2017 17:04

Laughing hard, OP must be a troll.

Great idea Kroton to advertise on the opposite faction in case others have characters on both.
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Re: Ban Zeroshadows

#17 » Post by Cocopuffs » 10 Jan 2017 17:10

>fun fact

when i joined ghost's voa yesterday and offered to log horde to ask for players to come on alliance alts if they had any and join his raid, he said "ok". :lol:

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Re: Ban Zeroshadows

#18 » Post by smartos » 10 Jan 2017 17:14

smartos wrote:If you had your chat showed time, to see if this was actually a spam, i would agree on that. But other than that, Thanks for making mah day ^^
Edit: You can check the time on his clock, 2 - 4 min difference between raid promo. You call this spam?

LFG chat is chat to recruit players for raids/guilds/events. There is no rule prohibiting promotion of an opposite faction raid/guild/event like Devil5000 stated.

loveable wrote:how knows ? maybe he queed alliance bg at that time when he was online on both facition ????

THIS IS ALLIANCE Channel , not hord's

And mute what ? mute him after he is offline and he is done from takeing alliance to hord side ?

I Except a good punish for it
Just LOL.

About this
Regent wrote:I rarely post on report topics but this had to be pointed out:
Does anyone notice this report as a symptom of a bigger problem? (that both sides lack people for clearing content).
And yet the opposition still holds firm on preventing what needs to be done to get things rolling again while the server still "alive" (and I use that term lightly).

I`m glad someone actually saw the bigger picture. :tick:

Anyways, thanks everyone who joined the raid from both horde and ally, hope you had fun, i sure did.
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Re: Ban Zeroshadows

#19 » Post by Ancestor » 10 Jan 2017 17:50

i go also sometimes horde side and ask to que bg...wtb ban plz

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Re: Ban Zeroshadows

#20 » Post by ludivoje » 10 Jan 2017 18:41

3 hours later and this thread is still alive?
Just put it out of it's misery.

Petty people are always gonna be petty. This is a small community and it has old player base, people have more than one toon and more than one account probably. There is no reason to ban raid advert from a prominent raid leader. END

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Re: Ban Zeroshadows

#21 » Post by Nyeriah » 10 Jan 2017 18:58

Yes, there's no rule broken here. It's fine to use the channels for such purpose, the same way it has always been fine to log the opposite faction to ask for players to queue to battlegrounds, etc.

Locking and moving.


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