Report hackers here

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Re: Report hackers here

#436 » Post by Vurzox1 » 30 Jul 2014 22:07

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Re: Report hackers here

#437 » Post by Kindzadza » 30 Jul 2014 22:09

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Re: Report hackers here

#438 » Post by Nyeriah » 09 Aug 2014 04:44

It has been proven that while reporting every hacker in a single thread might be more convenient to players, it's very inefficient when keeping track of reports and the people that has already been punished.

Having hackers and offenders being reported each on it's own thread keeps discussions much cleaner and objective, while it also gives us a clear logging of which cases we dealt with.

I'll be locking this now and further hacking reports should follow the same procedure as any other player report.


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