Login Problem (Bloodcraft)

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Login Problem (Bloodcraft)

#1 » Post by .DUSKY666 » 16 Jan 2013 23:00

Hi ; )
Have You guys problems atm with log in on web and game too?
I know iv got dot (.) in front of my username, but still cant log in.
I have exacly same username on TW and BC so maby it is a reason.
What i do...:
1) type username with dot " .username "
2) type password from BC
3) i can read "Your password is incorrect"

not good ; P

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Re: Login Problem (Bloodcraft)

#2 » Post by prodigy » 17 Jan 2013 00:03

Accounts that got a dot in front of the name need to have their passwords reset.That's why you can't login yet.If you still have access to the mail address the account was registered on,you can try reseting the pass.

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Re: Login Problem (Bloodcraft)

#3 » Post by Mithrandir » 17 Jan 2013 00:03

Roel wrote: First I will cover the part concerning your accounts. You should be able to login with your old username and password at the website and in game but you need to create a new forum account. Some usernames already existed at TrueWoW, if this is the case then we changed your username and it will say you used the wrong password. Your new username will have a dot added in front of the username, for example if your username was first "bloodcraftplayer" then it's now ".bloodcraftplayer". There is a very small chance that the username was taken both at TrueWoW and previously at Spermik, in this case you get 2 dots added in front. However if your username was at the max character limit (32 characters) then the last character from the name got removed and a dot got added in front, for example if you username was "bloodcraftplayerscomingtotruewow" then it will now be ".bloodcraftplayerscomingtotruewo" or "..bloodcraftplayerscomingtotruew". If you got any dots added then your previous password no longer works and it will need to be reset, for this send a Private Message to me (Roel) at the forum with the previous username and password to regain access to the account. If you got your username changed then you may also ask me to rename the username to your liking.

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Re: Login Problem Truewow

#4 » Post by Speck » 20 Jan 2013 20:54

Guys Im Uroda rogue 80s and i got a prob with the log in on game
the web is working but not the game
it says wrong info on all acc's :S

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Re: Login Problem Truewow

#5 » Post by Flexall » 20 Jan 2013 21:03

Speck wrote:Guys Im Uroda rogue 80s and i got a prob with the log in on game
the web is working but not the game
it says wrong info on all acc's :S
Check your realmlist
Ever get stuck not knowing how to play free WoW? Well have no fear, just go here and download the game completely free (it's safe, even I use it). Once you do so, you will need to change your realmlist. You can do this by opening the WoW directory and navigating to (Data>EnUs>) open up realmlist.wtf with notepad and change it to

Code: Select all

Set Realmlist login.truewow.org
Now you can run WoW.exe and login with your account name and password on our server

On a side-note, if you are having issues accessing TPB you can use an alternate proxie in this list.


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