The Oculus random reward.

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The Oculus random reward.

#1 » Post by m0t3k » 02 Sep 2021 21:51

Currently The Oculus only gives a completion bag, if you are qued in a random dungeon, and you happen to end up in The Oculus. Random HC dungeons don't give you any ID, meaning that you can spam random dungeons all week and not get a single Oculus. If someone has done specific Oculus (dailies) earlier, he has an ID, if he ques again, you will never get in Oculus. Situation happened today, when I was qued in a specific dungeon Oculus with a second toon, and random with the toon I want the bag on, I never got matched together, and did not get a call for a single Oculus, and then realized the tank I was getting matched with had ID to Oculus the entire time.

My suggestion is to still get an ID if you que and do specific, but add the bag to the rewards, if you do que specific. You can do it at least once a day, if you don't want to do 10 random dungeons, and then realize the tank had an ID the entire time.

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Re: The Oculus random reward.

#2 » Post by Cherub » 08 Jan 2022 06:11

Is the bug still occurring, m0t3k? If so, please use bug reporter so our devs can see the issue :)

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Re: The Oculus random reward.

#3 » Post by Doctor_J » 09 Jan 2022 14:16

People don’t get reward if you queue specific for oculus. You only get the bag if you have the luck of the draw buff (invisible to players) if you or your group queued for a rhc and oculus is chosen this could be due a specific queue from another player but players who do this won’t get reward while players who queued rhc will


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