Unscheduled Maintenance - 2021.4.15

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Unscheduled Maintenance - 2021.4.15

#1 » Post by Axis » 15 Apr 2021 09:08

Both PTR and TW realm are temporarily offline for unscheduled maintenance.
Service will be restored very soon™.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Your patience is most appreciated.

Edit 1: Deployment in progress for PTR. If the PTR certifies as stable, TW realm will follow suit.

Edit 2: We hit a slight snag mid-deployment so it had to be restarted (for PTR). If all goes well, it should be back on track now. Keep an eye out for further status updates.

Edit 3: Initiating PTR start-up sequence

Edit 4: Initial PTR tests successful. It looks stable for now. Hopefully, with no jinxes involved, we should be good from here.

Edit 5: Deployment in progress for TW realm.

Edit 6: Another snag in deployment due to an issue that appeared on PTR (which cannot be allowed to reach TW).
We're working as fast as we can to restore service. Your patience is appreciated.

Edit 7: Deployment complete for both realms. Initiating start-up sequence tor PTR.

Edit 8: PTR back online. Initiating start-up sequence for TW realm.

Edit 9: TW Realm is back online.

We sincerely apologize for the long downtime. The work ended up being much more extensive than we anticipated.
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