help on transfer from retail

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help on transfer from retail

#1 » Post by ameliaareen » 22 Nov 2020 19:42

I transferred my paladin here and when it came up as faction change Yes/No I thought because my character is a blood elf and I listed her as a blood elf that hitting yes on faction change WOULD make me stuck on Alliance.

Picture of what i put:

Did I select the wrong transfer option? I only remember there being one for a level 80 from Retail WoW
Can someone help?

The remaining post is longer than others for my issue, It is there as an optional thing to read for more information and where this text starts the normal basic post ends.

I cant do a faction change with money at the moment. When I was new in Wotlk I was made to being Alliance because my best friend insisted on being a Nelf and because she was not the noob i lost that war. I was 12. I picked Draenei because i didn't want to look ...softcore? I don't want to be stuck as being a draenei again, even if i can eventually fix the race/faction, my family is toxic, twin brothers death, birthday next month. If I try to ask for anything online id get snapped at and interrogated. Had to spend 20 minutes explaining to my mom that her card on to pay for my subscription she's been already paying for 12 years that her card won't get "hacked" in order to play Retail.

Basically my parents are crazy, partly why I don't have an active credit card anymore and wotlk is in some point each year since everything flipped has been a comfort spot. If I misread a word or line of words on the faction change y/n i know that is my error, but if anyone could manage to fix that part and have my paladin be a blood elf like retail, id be very grateful as i may have made the error that did that and am asking for, well basically what has been a paid service forever usually after the character is finalized. Thank you for your time on reading this.

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Re: help on transfer from retail

#2 » Post by Dymond » 22 Nov 2020 20:12

I have changed the flag on your paladin to faction change.
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