forced rename from blizzlike name

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forced rename from blizzlike name

#1 » Post by Brkonja » 13 Nov 2020 21:09


My character Bonerbob has been flagged for rename because someone reported me. I would like to point out that me and my friends have always used this name on our characters throughout retail WotlK, Cata and several private servers, as well as Classic. Blizzard naming policy has always allowed it, despite people that are easily offended reporting us.

Below are the screenshots to prove it. Please reconsider, as this is supposed to be a blizzlike server.

Retail WotlK:

Retail Cata:

Excalibur TBC:

OmegaWoW WotlK

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Re: forced rename from blizzlike name

#2 » Post by Axis » 13 Nov 2020 21:23

The only thing relevant here is our server's policy.
Dymond and I discussed this and concluded that your name was, indeed, in violation of section 1, rule 6.

Request denied.
Kindly choose an appropriate name to comply with server rules.
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