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#1 » Post by aquile » 12 Sep 2017 01:34

How can i change my Username?

Or if i can't, is there a was to use e-mail address to register again?

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Re: Username

#2 » Post by Eronox » 12 Sep 2017 18:30


we do not feature to change usernames.
You can however change your email at the settings, see the links presented below:

InGame Accounts (Change Email):
Forum Accounts (Change Email): ucp.php?i=ucp_profile&mode=reg_details

If you desire to do this on an account you cannot access due to forgotten password, use the "forgot password" options. They are as accordingly:

InGame Accounts (Reset Password):
Forum Accounts (Reset Password): ucp.php?mode=sendpassword

If you cannot recall the email used for either registration, do send me a private message here at the forums and I will return to you as soon as possible with hints and tricks on how to still recover the account of desire.

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