Copyright Infringement

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Copyright Infringement

#1 » Post by Stovepipe66 » 18 Aug 2017 23:44

I signed onto your website downloaded the WoW client the other day and today I get an email from my internet service provider of a "Notice of copyright Infringement". Every see this before and what does it mean? Just to be safe I am deleting all your software and cancelling my registration on this website too risky if you ask me. Besides the constant disconnects were getting on my nerves, that and not being able to reconnect for 30mins to an hour.

Hash: SHA1


ATTENTION: La version en francais suit langlais.


Entertainment Software Association

601 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Suite 300, West Washington, DC 20001 USA


Intellectual Property Enforcement

Website: ... 2-2014.pdf


ISP: Telus Communications

ESA Reference Number: 708a80f54331afaed7f1 IP Address: Date of Infringement: 2017-08-15T21:47:43Z

Dear Telus Communications/Consumer:

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) is a trade association that represents the intellectual property interests of numerous companies that publish interactive games for video game consoles, personal computers, handheld devices and the Internet in the United States of America, in Canada, and in other countries (collectively referred to as ESA members).

ESA is authorized by its members to act their behalf when it believes their copyright and other intellectual property rights have been infringed.

You are receiving this notice from ESA because our organization has a good faith belief that on 2017-08-15T21:47:43Z, the Internet access account associated with the following IP address,, was used to distribute (upload and/or download) one or more video game files in a manner that violates one or more ESA members exclusive rights under Canadian intellectual property laws, including the Copyright Act, R.S.C. 1985, c. C-42, as amended.

Specifically, information at ESAs disposal indicates that someone using this account used a peer-to-peer service or software client to distribute and/or obtain one or more infringing copies of ESA members games, including Warcraft (franchise), and Telus Communications has forwarded this notice to you because the above-referenced IP address was associated with your account on the relevant date and at the relevant time.

Additional information about acts of infringement that have been engaged in by people who were accessing the Internet using your Internet access account can be found at the bottom of this notice.

To avoid receiving notices of infringement from ESA in the future, you may consider sharing this notice with individuals who regularly use your account to connect to the Internet, and should take steps to ensure that your network access device(s) have been adequately secured.

For more information about securing your network and removing infringing files from your computers, please review the frequently asked questions and answers found here: ... 2-2014.pdf

Thank you for your cooperation.


Intellectual Property Enforcement

Entertainment Software Association

Website: ... 2-2014.pdf

- ------------- Infringement Details ----------------------------------

Title: Warcraft (franchise)

Timestamp: 2017-08-15T21:47:43Z

IP Address:

Port: 14529

Type: BitTorrent

Torrent Hash: f1b17acd1f47c017c2238ed9c21af7aec69c1d1a

Filename: World.of.Warcraft.3.3.5a.Truewow

Filesize: 17029 MB

- ---------------------------------------------------------------------


Version francaise


Entertainment Software Association

601 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Suite 300, West Washington, DC 20001, etats-Unis

a lattention de : Intellectual Property Enforcement (mise en application du respect des droits de propriete intellectuelle) Site Web : ... 2-2014.pdf


PSI (prestataire de services Internet) : Telus Communications Numero de reference ESA : 708a80f54331afaed7f1 Adresse IP : Date de linfraction : 2017-08-15T21:47:43Z

Chere/Cher Telus Communications/consommatrice/consommateur :

LEntertainment Software Association (ESA) est une association professionnelle qui represente les interets en matiere de propriete intellectuelle de nombreuses societes qui publient des jeux interactifs pour les consoles de jeux video, les ordinateurs personnels, les appareils portatifs et Internet, aux etats-Unis dAmerique, au Canada et dans dautres pays (collectivement appelees membres ESA). LESA est autorisee par ses membres a agir en leur nom lorsquelle estime que leur droit dauteur et autres droits de propriete intellectuelle ont ete enfreints.

LESA vous envoie cette notification, car elle estime de bonne foi quen date du 2017-08-15T21:47:43Z, le compte dacces a Internet associe a ladresse IP suivante,, a ete utilise pour distribuer (televerser et/ou telecharger) un ou plusieurs fichiers de jeux video dune maniere qui enfreint les droits exclusifs de un ou de plusieurs membres ESA, en vertu de la legislation canadienne relative aux droits de propriete intellectuelle, y compris la Loi sur le droit dauteur, L.R.C. (1985), ch. C-42, dans sa version modifiee.

Plus particulierement, les renseignements dont dispose lESA indiquent quun individu se servant de ce compte a utilise un service pair-a-pair ou un client logiciel pour distribuer et/ou obtenir un ou plusieurs exemplaires contrefaits de jeux des membres ESA, y compris Warcraft (franchise), Telus Communications vous a envoye cette notification, car ladresse IP susmentionnee etait associee a votre compte a la date concernee et a lheure concernee. Vous trouverez au bas de cette notification des renseignements supplementaires sur les infractions commises par les individus ayant accede a Internet par le biais de votre compte dacces Internet.

Pour eviter de recevoir a lavenir des notifications de contrefacon de la part de ESA, veuillez faire part de cette notification aux personnes qui utilisent regulierement votre compte pour se connecter a Internet. De plus, veuillez prendre des mesures pour vous assurer que votre ou vos appareils dacces au reseau sont securises de maniere adequate. Pour en savoir davantage sur la facon de securiser votre reseau et de supprimer les fichiers contrefaits sur vos ordinateurs, veuillez examiner la foire aux questions qui figure sur le site suivant : ... 2-2014.pdf.

Nous vous remercions de votre cooperation en la matiere.


Intellectual Property Enforcement

Entertainment Software Association

Site Web : ... 2-2014.pdf

- ------------- Details relatifs a la violation de droit -----------------

Titre: Warcraft (franchise)

Heure et date: 2017-08-15T21:47:43Z

Adresse IP:

Port: 14529

Type: BitTorrent

Adressage de torrent: f1b17acd1f47c017c2238ed9c21af7aec69c1d1a

Nom du fichier: World.of.Warcraft.3.3.5a.Truewow

Taille du fichier: 17029 MB

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

<?xml version=1.0 encoding=UTF-8?>




Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

IP-Echelon - Compliance

6715 Hollywood Blvd

Los Angeles CA 90028

United States of America

+1 (310) 606 2747

Telus Communications






Warcraft (franchise)





Version: GnuPG v1










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Re: Copyright Infringement

#2 » Post by IronSharona » 19 Aug 2017 00:39

When you download WoW without going through Blizzard, you are technically not paying them for content. Depending on whether you continue to seed the torrent after the download or not, it may make you appear suspicious as an illegal distributor of their rightfully owned content. This is not something generated by playing on our server, only from the download and distribution of the game files themselves. I got the same thing quite a few years back before I was tech savvy; as long as you do not continue to help others download the file it shouldn't actually turn into anything alarming.
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Re: Copyright Infringement

#3 » Post by Stovepipe66 » 19 Aug 2017 00:59

Thanks for the heads up, I just never got that warning before.

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Re: Copyright Infringement

#4 » Post by Ancestor » 19 Aug 2017 09:24

i would not worry...tell them that torrent were u family pictures from vacation..
they cant prove nothing untill they in you home and see open computer downloading/uploading some specific stuff and making sure its illegal...
better change u provider

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Re: Copyright Infringement

#5 » Post by Wilcox » 19 Aug 2017 10:11

dont worry, last thing the feds want is arresting your scared ass for copyright violations regarding a 10 year old computer game

come on man people got better shit to do. i got an active retail subscription and 3 different expansions of WoW for my personal satisfaction if it's any comfort for you

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Re: Copyright Infringement

#6 » Post by Lhotsegirl » 19 Aug 2017 10:45

I am a Social Worker, I work within the law... if I was caught downloading this content and playing it, I would loose my job, and I would loose my career for being arrested and charged with a criminal offense.

Anyway, I'm playing it, and I am not worried at all,and haven't been worried since playing on private server in 2010...

Take the advice above from the others, you're fine. Enjoy the game :-)

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Re: Copyright Infringement

#7 » Post by prodigy » 19 Aug 2017 11:25

IIrc from a friend that moved to France they screen torrent downloads...i think like in UK they consider torrents downloads of illegal stuff.
I had to download stuff for my friend and have him ftp to a server i own to get content because of a similar mail/letter.

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Re: Copyright Infringement

#8 » Post by Xenitron » 19 Aug 2017 12:45

IDK about law in france but rest of world is fine with downloading torrent however seeding or hosting torrent is illegal.
I doubt police will come knocking on your dours just because you downloaded 1 torrent of and old game while blizzard provides free download of game and you only need to pay subscription.

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Re: Copyright Infringement

#9 » Post by Jiranthos » 19 Aug 2017 13:47

It's unlikely that someone will act upon it. Your ISP might be obligated by law to issue warnings or to cut off your connection but it shouldn't go to fines/jailtime.
Anyway, consider using a VPN to mask your connection and always encrypt all your traffic.

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Re: Copyright Infringement

#10 » Post by Fastor » 19 Aug 2017 14:05

Someone explain me how ISP may check traffic without breaking into privacy? Other than having clause in contract giving them permission to do that.

From my point of view whoever is warned like this may counter it in court.

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Re: Copyright Infringement

#11 » Post by Jiranthos » 19 Aug 2017 14:32

There are different laws about privacy in different countries and states. Look your local law up and act accordingly, if the ISP is not allowed to investigate your traffic and inspect it, ignore the warning but prepare a lawyer.
If you'd rather not deal with the legal stuff, just encrypt and proxy.

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Re: Copyright Infringement

#12 » Post by MerelyASetback » 19 Aug 2017 17:18

Just read the pdf-file...

What happened here:

A third party (likely ESA) connected to the P2P network and put a watchdog there. This thing scrapes all the IPs that connect to that particular torrent. That organisation took your IP and send a notice to your ISP. Some of them even add in a settlement fine. (Which you should never pay, btw.)

This happens all the time with all types of content (music, movies, shows, games, etc.).

Now your ISP can do two things: ignore it or send a notice to you. Depending on local law or other factors your ISP will act differently.

Some ISPs keep a record and add a strike to your account if they get a notice (at a certain amount of strikes you'll get cut off by them and you'll have to look for a new one, I guess).

Now about all those people claiming that downloading copyrighted content is legal while uploading is illegal, times and laws have changed and it isn't all black and white anymore...

All in all these things are just scare-tactics. It'll most likely never go to court and you'll never hear from them again.

You should however look into your ISP and how he handles these notices, like does he keep strikes and cut you off at a certain point (do not contact your ISP though, since this admits guilt) and take actions accordingly (e.g. if you want to continue torrenting, get a vpn or a seedbox).


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