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Need help.

Posted: 27 Jul 2015 01:13
by .adamishere
Is there any programs what can screenshare? client isnt working been trying literally the whole day, if somebody could screenshare with me and ill show you everything (what looks right as i followed the advice from the same forum where i downloaded utorrent and the client)And see if you can spot the problem whats stopping me from logging in.


Re: Need help.

Posted: 27 Jul 2015 04:50
by Virunus
Since this was my first private server in a looooooong time, and first one I'm taking seriously, I had some issues getting it running.

For me, it was because I ended up changing the file to a text file. I had to redownloaded the .wtf file and replace the one I messed up. But thats just me and just one of many things that could be happening.

Skype will let you screenshare with someone you're in a call with, and something like Teamviewer (google it) will let them see and control your PC for the duration of the session. The code changes, so they will not be able to access your computer after-the-fact.

I'd offer to take a look, but I'm hardly the best person for troubleshooting this.