level 73 mob hits for 5k

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level 73 mob hits for 5k

#1 » Post by Arnoxis » 29 Mar 2011 18:43

in the maw of neltharion in the obsidian dragonshire theres mobs called smoldering geist they have an attack called burning blaze which hits me for around 200 (on my level 73 warrior) and then i get like 20 times in a row 200 fire damage as burn ripped of my hp really fast which results in around 5k -3k hp going down like a cup of water which someone has cut a hole in the bottom and it usually results in me dieing.
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Re: level 73 mob hits for 5k

#2 » Post by Boman » 29 Mar 2011 23:45

lol, thats cause u stand in one place, just jump to the left or right and ur safe, and btw those guys r immune to stuns/slows...(bug)
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