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Re: Account closed

#16 » Post by Arockalypse » 07 Sep 2015 06:23

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Re: Account closed

#17 » Post by Kindzadza » 08 Sep 2015 13:32

Sorry, but we won't unban the account. And as Matsy told you noone can steal your account like that.

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Re: Account closed

#18 » Post by Pivopija » 08 Sep 2015 14:05

Famous Mustafa stole Jimi Account and he get it back:P

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Re: Account closed

#19 » Post by m1d000 » 09 Sep 2015 01:01

Matsy wrote:Have to say this, dont take offence.

Stop bullshiting.
No one can get access to your account unless you shared your details or your password is 1234

Entirely your fault in both cases.
I am not bullshitting.
My paladin on that account is a full wrathfull either holy or ret(including shoulders)and full ICC 25 man heroic on both holy and ret aswell with SM.
I guess when u have a char like that u never share it.
If u can check my IP and the IP used to log the chars and compare them u can see it is not mine and u can see that my IP has not logged this char in months.

and my password was not 1234 it was my middle name.

So I really need my account since I am coming back to wow,and it is not my fault what happened here.

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Re: Account closed

#20 » Post by Matsy » 09 Sep 2015 11:05

No you dont get what I said.

Its impossible for someone to get access to your account, unless you shared your details, plain and simple. The staff know that.
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Re: Account closed

#21 » Post by Dymond » 09 Sep 2015 11:40

It is quite unfortunate, but there is no way some one can figure out forum and game account names and passwords without you giving it to someone. Locking this.
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