What is PrimalWoW? New Player Guide + FAQ

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What is PrimalWoW? New Player Guide + FAQ

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The purpose of this thread is to help new players understand what PrimalWoW is and how to get started playing there.

PrimalWoW is a 3.3.5 PvE realm which will progress through Vanilla, The Burning Crusade, and Wrath of the Lich King content over several years. Several quality of life changes that were added in WotLK are available during the earlier expansions such as DualSpecialization, Dungeon Finder, Arenas, and Achievements. PrimalWoW is meant to be a unique simulated experience that players from various backgrounds can enjoy.

PrimalWoW's current level cap is 60 and "expansion" is Vanilla. All zones, quests, dungeons, and raids that were added in later expansions are disabled during the Vanilla Phase. Raiding content is released in a buffed state to give players a challenge for raiding progression and nerfed over time.

Raiding Content

- Molten Core
- Kazzak
- Azuregos
- Onyxia's Lair
- Zul'Gurub
- Blackwing Lair
- Emerald Dragons
- AQ20
- AQ40
- Naxxramas40

Coming soon!

The Burning Crusade!


Q: Is it true that I can raid in an Alliance guild as a Horde Character?

A: Due to the higher number of players required for 40 man raiding, PrimalWoW is Cross-Faction. All dungeons, raids, and guilds can have both factions. Currently, only PvP divides players between Horde and Alliance.

Q: What is the "Healing Nerf" and why is it in place?
A: In 3.3.5 many talents and spells have been buffed compared to their original Vanilla versions. This results in heavy imbalances when it comes to raiding. We have implemented a scaled debuff which increases the mana costs of your spells depending on difficulty of the content you are doing. For example, the debuff is more unforgiving in Blackwing Lair than it is in Molten Core. This is to ensure raids stay challenging as if it were not in place, you'd never go out of mana!

Q: Why can't I go deeper than 31 talent points in a tree? What determines which Talent is my 31st?

A: We limited the number of talents players can spend in trees to have a closer simulation of Vanilla builds. This is both for balance and flavor. We gave talents that were available or similar to the specializations as they were in Vanilla. For example; Enhancement Shaman get Stormstrike, not Dual Wield as their 31st talent.

Q: How much does Dual Spec cost?
A: 1000g, just like its original implementation in WotLK.

Q: When is The Burning Crusade coming out?
A: Estimated release is in June 2017

Q: What Professions are disabled?
A: Inscription will become available at the release of WotLK. Jewelcrafting will become available at the release of TBC. The bonuses from gather professions such as Lifeblood from Herbalism are disabled until WotLK.

More Information
Here is a link to the topic for all PrimalWoW news - http://www.truewow.org/forum/viewtopic. ... 7&start=30

Here is a link describing a rough timeline of content releases for PrimalWoW - http://www.truewow.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=34007

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Here is a link describing how to transfer to TrueWoW/PrimalWoW - http://www.truewow.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=34936
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