Shaman [Maelstrom Weapon]

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Shaman [Maelstrom Weapon]

#1 » Post by innocentguy » 17 Nov 2013 04:41

Just getting this out there...

Sometimes it takes a few casts to 'use up' the 5 stacks of Maelstrom Weapon.

E.g. I get 5 stacks of Maelstrom Weapon and I cast Lightning Bolt. After casting LB, I still retain the 5 stacks.

We've already got a whole bunch of things to keep tabs on in Enhancement, and this bug can get pretty infuriating.
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Re: Shaman [Maelstrom Weapon]

#2 » Post by Relina » 18 Nov 2013 03:34

This bug increases casts of LB but lowers the uptime of the tier-10, 4-piece set bonus for enhancement, since it only procs when the Maelstrom Weapon talent reaches 5 charges.

point to note: Chain Lighting does seem to consume the Maelstrom charges on 1st use.
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Re: Shaman [Maelstrom Weapon]

#3 » Post by Eisen » 18 Nov 2013 08:14

This ^, personally I use this macro to allow me to use CL whenever it's off CD to make sure that the charges are used up.

Code: Select all

/castsequence reset=6/combat Chain Lightning, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt
But a fix would be really nice since in some scenarios you don't want aoe (LDW > MC'd players) and also according to my recounts that while CL has better base damage, LB scales better with gear and ends up being more powerful.
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Re: Shaman [Maelstrom Weapon]

#4 » Post by Devosan » 18 Nov 2013 16:53

LB is definitely better on single targets, yet obviously CL should only be used for multiple targets.
But indeed, in this case, CL has to be used to succesfully get rid of the Maelstrom proc. Had this same thing on Infinity back in the day. Sometimes, with a little tought luck (or luck, if you don't have 4x T10 yet :p) it won't use up until after 3 LBs -.-


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