Priest [Spirit of Redemption]

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Priest [Spirit of Redemption]

#1 » Post by innocentguy » 07 Nov 2013 06:17

Spirit of Redemption (Talent)
Spirit of Redemption (Actual Spell)

There has been a lot of comments regarding this bug but I don't find it here on the forums so here goes...

As in the descriptions above, this talent, in the Holy tree of a Priest, allows the Priest to remain 'alive' for 15 seconds after death. During these 15 seconds, the Priest is able to cast any healing spell whatsoever without having to expend any mana.

Now here are the bugs...

According to the description of the talent, while the Priest is in this form he/she should not be able to "be attacked or targeted by any spells or effects." This however, is not the case.

The Priest, while in this form, is still able to get targeted and healed by other healers. This is a problem as smart heals and AoE heals which cannot be controlled are still applied (and wasted) to the 'dead' Priest. Examples of such smart heals include Chain Heal, Circle of Healing, Wild Growth and most notably Divine Hymn.

Smart heals immediately target and are applied to the raid members which have the lowest health. The 'dead' Priest has practically zero (or maybe 1) HP and is hence THE prime target of these heals.Divine Hymn especially, as at least 3 incredibly potent heals by it are completely wasted on the 'dead' Priest. I am mentioning Divine Hymn in particular as it is the spell a Priest is most likely to use while in this form.

Another bug with regards to this talent occurs during the Professor Putricide encounter. It doesn't happen 100% of the time though.

If a Holy Priest dies during this encounter, he/she may remain in this 'Spirit' form indefinitely. That is to say, he/she would be able to have unlimited MP to cast whichever healing spells he/she wishes throughout the rest of the fight. However, if such a Priest allows this form to persist, he/she will suffer a lot of durability damage.

These are the most notable bugs, in my opinion, with regards to Spirit of Redemption.
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