Wintrading in 2v2 arena

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Wintrading in 2v2 arena

#1 » Post by Boxis » 09 Apr 2021 20:32

Hello everyone,

just to keep it as short as possible, I would like to report Bethe + Therockk & Tooze + Devini for wintrading in 2v2, 2 nights in a row (it is entirely possible that Devini did not know what is happening, but I cant say for sure).

Link to the mentioned 20+ arena games :

Just some backstory and explanation why it can/should be clasified as wintrading:
  • The most recent arena games they played against each other before this moment was on 13.2. = around 2 months ago. Some time ago Therockk told me, they are not going to que against me and Tooze as well because war+heal teams are hard for them to beat and they dont want to risk losing rating. This is completely understandable and normal. (GMs can verify this statement, if they check few last whispers between characters Elemente - Diptheria in-game, if needed).

    Question then remains, why did they que such huge amount of games in short time especially during late night when almost noone ques, and against player who they by their words dodged for almost the entire season ?
  • Uneven amount of games. "These were not 10games for APs" arenas, so such excuse has no value here. They needed just 1 game first night to get APs, and 10games second night, however they did 8 games against Tooze first night and 13 games against him the other night.
  • First night they (Bethe/Therockk) stopped right after they realized another team queued arenas and they got matched against them.(They qued one more right after they left arena, this way they were able to get one more game against Tooze before leaving completely and avoiding the other team- this can be seen in the first screenshot).
  • 2nd night they qued 13 games against each other for some unknown reasons, well, one of which is that this is the number required to secure rank 1 spot even, if the r2 team gets some random arena game here and there.
  • As Tooze, as well as his previous arena partner mentioned, he usually ques against anyone (which is great, big respect for that) up to the point, where, if he loses few games he stops to not lose all rating. Again, understandable and completely normal behaviour.

    Question then is again - Why did they queue and keep queueing even after losing so many points against their friends ? 20 rating away from 2050 at the begining, yet does not mind losing -320 rating after all those loses ? Have T2 weps already ? This does not make sense.
  • This last screenshot obviously does not require any additional comments.

So yeah, these 21 arenas had the sole purpose of boosting Bethe & Therockk to rank 1, since arena season is slowly coming to an end, and they knew they wouldnt be able to do it without some sort of a help.

Just as a final statement, I do not mind other people having rank 1. I did not mind that last season DK+Priest got it (even though they dodged our warpal team with Kyle, without even trying once, but again, this is part of the game and completely normal). They played well and got r1 fair and square.

However, what I dont like and when I actually start to care, is, when people in order to reach rank 1, start to play dirty game by trying to find other ways how to reach the top of the ladder:
  • One of which is trying to report a player in hope to somehow get him banned before even double-checking, if the given report is legit in first place.
  • If Plan A will not work and the opponents player is not banned, proceed to wintrade against friends just to be sure and secure rank 1 this way.
So yeah, this situation is really pathetic and especially sad in a way that this is not the first nor the last time something like this is happening.


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Re: Wintrading in 2v2 arena

#2 » Post by TheNewbieWar » 09 Apr 2021 21:38

This is so dumb and out of context and immature considering this is nothing more than a revenge for the report about hacking...

You can check all of my whispers to understand why we queued so many games... partner is from NA, I'm EU. We barely get to play together so as soon as I get an opportunity we spam... You even see I triggered the TW chat system by talking about how we should get more practice games on warmane... We stopped queueing around 1am where I went to sleep

My message is a competitive invitation against them. You can look at all match stats & replays and even see we beat them.


This is the real screenshot that wasn't cropped to make it look bad



Sure, there's only 2 teams in queue, but should we not be allowed to play arenas when we want to?

Edit: Many people from NA queue at these times, just not EU*

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Re: Wintrading in 2v2 arena

#3 » Post by TheNewbieWar » 09 Apr 2021 22:13

Additionally, you only see the match history of that particular team, not mine.
We queued 13 games VS them last night, if you see entire match history you see how many other people we go against.


When we queue 1vs1 with other teams, sometimes we also lose many games, does that make it trading? No. This just sounds like salt. Take a look at how many games I queued this season, look at the winrate and tell me that's win trading.


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Re: Wintrading in 2v2 arena

#4 » Post by Axis » 11 Apr 2021 04:19

Thread cleaned up.

Follow the rules for this forum section:
Keep the discussion focused on the actual report (whether or not the OP's claims are valid).

Suggestions/Complaints/Grievances about the server itself or its features/operations don't belong here.
Any further off-topic posts will result in the thread being locked until the staff announces a verdict.
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Re: Wintrading in 2v2 arena

#5 » Post by Jiranthos » 21 Apr 2021 09:49

Hello everyone!

We have investigated and found no direct or circumstantial evidence to take any action in this regard.

This decision is approved by the majority of the current TrueWoW Staff members as well as server administrators.

The decision is not up for appeal, the thread is going to be locked and eventually archived after some time has passed for players to read it in it's entirety. If you have new complaints, please create new reports with new evidence if required.

Have a good day and happy playing!


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