Player Reports - Information

Here you can report rule-breakers or any other undesired player behaviour.
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Player Reports - Information

#1 » Post by Nyeriah » 13 Aug 2014 00:04


Here'll be presented the set of rules and information to be kept in mind whenever writing a report. It's highly advisable to read this before opening a new thread or writing a reply on any of the existing issues.

As much as we strive to keep the server clean and fair for everyone, at times you might still find players breaking the rules or doing any other kind of illicit activity. Whereas at most times we are able to catch hackers and abusers on our own - either through our anti-cheat system or by periodical checks upon the player base - there'll be times we'll be relying on the player's assistance to identify possible cheaters and address such casualties.

The server official rules can be found here. For an action to be considered an offense, it needs to fall under any of the previously mentioned rules. If you come across any player presenting suspicious activity, you're free to either open a ticket or report the player on this section. A Staff member will then analyze the report and investigate.

Depending on the situation, reports may take up to 7 days until an official response is given. This is due to various reasons. As example we may mention that at times the provided evidence might not be clear enough and it may require further investigation, either requesting the player reporting better evidence or trying to check database if it applies.

When writing a report, please always provide proper evidence. The more evidence of the possible offense that is provided, the easier it is for us to judge over a specific case.
- When posting screenshots make sure the image is clear and has a proper resolution so the names or the information presented can be read and relate to the report.
- Always provide multiple screenshots if possible.
- Short duration videos may be accepted as evidence if they've got a proper image quality (clear image where names can be seen).

This is a very strict section. When replying to already existing reports please do keep in mind that off-topic comments might be counter-productive. If the report loses it's focus we'll be deliberately locking down threads until an official Staff response is given.

If the scenario presented isn't clear and the Staff member assigned to take care of the report can't act on their own discretion, we'll likely be requesting the participation of other Staff members before we step in and give an official instance on the given case.

If your report requires special approach, feel free to contact a Staff member through a personal message at forums.

We reserve the rights to close any thread at any given moment without previous warning or notice if:
  • - It strives off-topic and loses it's original purpose.
    - It's a continuation of an already dealt with issue.
    - It's an already previously rejected ban appeal.
    - It violates any of the specified board and server rules.

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Re: Player Reports - Information

#2 » Post by Nyeriah » 22 Apr 2016 00:53

Amend to the Section Rules - Changes to the Operational Method
Aiming at giving more autonomy to the Game Masters dealing with reports and more celerity to these processes, we have enacted a couple of changes last weekend. These changes aren't really a lot out of what we have already been doing, but now they're being officially established as conduct rules that should be followed while reviewing reports.

The enacted conduct rules are the ones as follows:
  • 1) Once a staff member chooses to deal with a report, any judgement and eventual conclusion is of their responsibility. Staff members have full autonomy to deal with reports at their own discretion.

    2) Once a judgement has been passed, players will have a window of 7 days to appeal to the decision made. If an appeal is made, then the matter is brought into discussion to be reviewed by the team. Appeals must be filled until at least 24 hours before the penalty expires (if it applies).
Hopefully by making these official standards we'll be able to preserve the clarity of the process better and deal with issues more efficiently in faster response times.



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