New here, transfer question.

Newcomers of all levels are welcomed with their questions. There are always helpful and knowledgeable people ready to share some of their wisdom.
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New here, transfer question.

#1 » Post by LethalVector » 03 Apr 2018 12:27

Hi there, I just joined the primal wow server trying to show some friends the nostalgia trip that is TBC/WotLK. I'm excited to get back into progression raiding and relive the golden days! My question is about retail transfers.

If I were to transfer my hunter over who is in possession of thori'dal, once Sunwell is made available, would that transfer with him? Follow up question, what gear would he be given if transferred at the time of Sunwell release?

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Re: New here, transfer question.

#2 » Post by KohiiKaiju » 03 Apr 2018 13:18

At present, character copy transfers (where you retain your gear and skills) are only available to the Primal server from 1x 1.12 servers. If the vanilla phase was any guide, that may change but not until the very end of the expansion if at all. What is available to you now, if you are transferring from a 2.4.3 or 3.3.5 server, is a character template - which in the case of Primal is a level 60 character with a D1 or D2 set depending on the state of the transferring character.

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