Public Testing Realm Recruitment Post

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Public Testing Realm Recruitment Post

#1 » Post by Nyeriah » 22 Sep 2015 15:43


As some may know from one of the suggestion threads of lately, I have been planning to set up a testing team to help us testing content and general quality assurance, ensuring every issue is reported so it can be reviewed and fixed as soon as we are able to.

Being a tester and testing things doesn't really qualify an user as a staff member, however, official testers will receive the "Support" rank at forums seeing they're prone to be helpful and active community members. They will also be granted access to a special forum section where bugs can be discussed more freely and directly with the developers.

What's more, even though there's no direct reward for being a tester - as with any of us, seeing it is no more than volunteering - you'll be contributing directly towards the server's progress and the overall success of our project. In other words, you'll be taking active part in solving the issues that bother you and the other players.

To simplify it further, the tester and the testing team are expected to contribute by:
  • - Reporting any issue that they may encounter during game play at the bug tracker or proper thread.
    - Participating in strategic testing of content (analysis of content targeted to releases).
    - Helping confirming and invalidating bug tracker issues.
It is not required for a lot of time to be invested into it, and as with every other volunteer position, you'll be doing things as your time allows you. However, since we are working as a team I need to know who's still in and who's out, so I'll be checking activity periodically to see who we can still count with and manage the resources based on that.

TrueWoW has its Public Testing Realm open for public since a couple of years now as we believe the integration with the community and collaboration is the key to success for any opensource project. However, to prevent issues with users and misinformation we have restricted the access to it as we had far too many casualties in the past.

So, are you up to the challenge of becoming a tester?
Check the sections below to see how you can proceed!


If you're already a TrueWoW player you can already access the TrueWoW's Public Test Realm by enabling it at your account settings at the Account Manager. It is required to have at least a single level 80 character in the account in order to unlock it. More information can be found at the Public Testing Realm thread.

If you're a PrimalWoW player, you'll not be able to access the Public Testing Realm by default because of the character requirements. To work around that, I will be manually lifting the restriction to a limited number of players that will integrate PrimalWoW's official testing team.

It is required for PrimalWoW players to have at least a single one month old level 60 character (as in, 30 days after they reached the level cap).


If you're willing to help send me a personal message to highlight your interest with your main's character name in it. I'll be handling out at this time up to 10 PTR accounts to PrimalWoW players. If you have any friends that are also interested in it you can recommend them by also mentioning their names in the message, and they should also message me.

For any questions please send me a message. If they're relevant to the recruitment I'll be appending them to this thread.


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Re: Public Testing Realm Recruitment Post

#2 » Post by Nyeriah » 03 Oct 2015 14:19

Public tester applications are now closed. A special thanks to all the ones who've applied and are now working with us to help the server give a better experience to everyone.


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