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General changes

Posted: 19 Jan 2024 22:14
by Roel
The profits made by AHbot have been reduced significantly, meaning the sale prices are closer to the buy prices. This gold sink will be adjusted further over time depending on how high the inflation is. Keep in mind that we don't have regular AH fees enabled so trades between players don't remove gold from the game.

Additionally Dungeon Finder will now strictly enforce roles to avoid some frustration since the last major rework. It will no longer accept a 2nd tank or healer to fill an incomplete group, they can choose to queue as DPS or wait longer for the next group. Also keep in mind that it's only possible to join an incomplete group if they are queued, this normally happens automatically when joining the dungeon but the hourly reset could interfere with this and require the group to queue manually.

Update: For those who have had issues donating, we have changed to a new payment company. It doesn't support as many methods but it should at least be better for credit cards. If you have issues please create a Discord ticket.