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Changes Incoming!

Posted: 31 Mar 2022 18:02
by Ayoe

The 6th of April 2022 will the honor gain from Badges of Wintergrasp, bought with Stone Keeper Shards, be lowered so it only gives what it says when you mouse over the icon. The same counts for the Commendation of Bravery badges that can be bought with 100 arena points and reward you honor points.

As it is right now Wintergrasp Weekly quests, Badges of Wintergrasp and Commendation of Bravery gives triple honor points. From the 6th of April, they will be back to give the original amount of honor points.

Time to do Arenas and Battlegrounds
The honor gain from honorable kills, battlegrounds and arena points are still going to be triple rewards. So now you will get rewarded for doing PvP and not through PvE actions the same way! From now on the easiest and most direct way to get gear for PvP is by doing PvP!

Last mention
Just a quick reminder, these changes take place the 6th of April 2022, when reset happens!

Re: Changes Incoming!

Posted: 01 Apr 2022 15:40
by skyx
Wow, who's idea is this?

Can't wait to see more new people participate in PvP!

Re: Changes Incoming!

Posted: 01 Apr 2022 16:29
by DenMlathor
First of all I think we should stop being jealous, and stop fucking people and peeking a little less into other people's conversations.

Something should be added that would attract people to more pvp action, adding quest for 10 arena played games with simple rewards like arena points / honor or golds - something that will attract to players to play arena and get parts of pvp gear a bit easyer.

PVP event isnt "JOIN BATTLEGROUND" .... U shall work on it with a bit organization, to make pvp day rly pvp day where 20+ ppl playing arena or battleground, one day in week arena event, next week one day bg event (WITH REWARDS).

2v2 / 3v3 bgs can hapen anytime, anyone can say it on lfm - Join BG.

Addiing solo que in arena isnt bad idea too, we had posts about that alredy.

Also Increase notifications that battleground provides experience during leveling.

Re: Changes Incoming!

Posted: 02 Apr 2022 05:25
by Kniteknite
make pvp day change server to world pvp for the day as well ? ^_^ :tick:

wishful thinking may be , i don't know how difficult it might be to swing that, but it would give the smallest taste... ;)