News feed #11

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News feed #11

#1 » Post by Ayoe » 18 Dec 2021 20:02

With Christmas coming, we want to give our greetings and best wishes, as well as some information in this post.
So, Let's get it started!

As a part of our tradition there is discount on the shop. This year it has started a bit early and will last til the beginning of January 2022. So if there is something you have gotten your eye on, and have considered to buy, then now is the time to head to the shop and purchase it!
There is a few things that is not included in the sale, like Foror’s Crate of Endless Resist Gear Storage, because it is already set to a low price and it is an item we have made ourselves and added. But as a bonus from the 24th of December to the 5th of January you will be able to purchase a Baby Shark in the shop for free! So it is not only a few things that is not on sale, there is also a free thing and much more is on sale – So don’t wait, go browse the store and maybe you will find something interesting.


Thank you for a wonderful year!
The year we have just been through has been a year, we will not forget any time soon. It was a year with lots of interesting moments, sadness, experiments – In over all a year, to remember.
When the year started we had a new trial GameMaster who actually had joined in the old year, but he was relatively fresh, our dear Outsider, who has progressed over the year to become a Senior GameMaster.
Then we had one of our biggest and most painful loses experienced on the serve. We lost our beloved Axis/Regent to Covid-19, in May. A loss that has marked the server for good, but a loss that also made us stand stronger united. That moment showed what TrueWoW is all about. We are a family, we are a unit, we are strongest together when we individually are weakest. It is a tough moment to remember, but we know that Axis would have been proud of what we have accomplished since then and how we all handled it.
Then we had another trial GameMaster, who joined the staff team also in May and progressed her way through the ranks over the year. She is known as Ayoe or Siisz, depending on how you meet her in the game. Through her progression in the staff she was accompanied by Lightbearer who became a trial GameMaster short after and Cherub who became a trial short after Lightbearer. Lightbearer made his moves up in the ranks to now sit on the position as GameMaster and Cherub has moved up in the ranks and joined the Senior GameMaster. We also had a rough time where we all united in prayer for our developer Andrius, who was in the hospital with Covid. Thank god he recovered well and is back to his old self. The staff Team this year have been strengthened a lot and the experiments and results speaks for itself if you ask us.
We have changed a few things when it comes to PvP, so it is easier for everyone to gear up and get stabilized their game play. We have tried to have battleground event and arena event, where Battleground events went very well, and we expect those to return in the new year. The Arena event was less of a success and need re-work, and that is also fine. We have to try things to see what works and what does not. We tried to disable the Ahbot to see how the situation would be like, and realized it is needed but less than what it used to be. That is also a positive progression. We have increased the drop rate on some mounts and added a pet to the game. In overall, we have done quite some things and you guys have been really good at supporting us in these experiments or changes.
So thank you. Thank you for playing here on our wonderful server TrueWoW, and thank you for your support, your dedication. Thank you for being a part of our virtual family – Individualy we are good, together we are great!
Only thing left to say is:

May each and everyone have the most wonderful Christmas and happiest New Year.
We look forward to another memorable year with lots of JOY!

From The TrueWoW Staff Team

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Re: News feed #11

#2 » Post by darkfener93 » 19 Dec 2021 14:54

thank you and merry xmas :D

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Re: News feed #11

#3 » Post by Kniteknite » 22 Dec 2021 02:03

Thank You all again for Your hard work, dedication, and consideration~ You are very much appreciated ~ (Kk~

To a Happy Christmas, and a Happier New Year ! ~ /cheers



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Re: News feed #11

#4 » Post by mungos » 25 Dec 2021 11:22

Happy Christmas, and a Happier New Year ! ... tedIndex=5

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