Biweekly Newsfeed #10

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Biweekly Newsfeed #10

#1 » Post by Ayoe » 28 Oct 2021 17:19

This news feed is going to be one of the shorter ones. It will be about the Staff Team recruiting Developers and how to do the Ironman Challenge.
Let's get to it, shall we?

We need Developers!
As the situation is at this moment, we have very few Developers and due to their real life, their time is more limited nowadays. They are doing an amazing job, and we all appreciate their hard effort but we are also at a place where we truly need more hands on deck. So if you are sitting with experience with coding or just have knowledge of it. If you have a desire for helping the server with bigger or smaller things, but most of all if you think you can help any bit with the Developers job, even if we are talking 1 hour a day or 5 hours a week – Everything makes a difference. If you could be a missing part of our team, do not hesitate, send us your application, so we can get you started in the trial!


Ironman Challenge
Lately there have been an expanded interest about The Ironman Challenge, and since it is a quite interesting and rewarding challenge we have chosen to tell you more detailed about it here. And after all before we know of it, the Christmas Holidays and free days are right around the corner – Maybe this is the perfect time for this challenge. So let us explain how it works.
The completely first step is to choose if you will go for Ironman Challenge or Bloodthirsty Challenge. The difference is Bloodthirsty is about reaching 80 with less than 75 quests done. If you sign up for Bloodthirsty but goes over the 75 quests, you automatically get moved over to the regular Ironman Challenge.
Second step is creating your character and sign up for the competition – Death Knight's cannot enter the competition. This has to happen before Level 10, though you aren’t allowed to have used different rate or bending any of the other rules before Level 10. Then the character automatically is invalid for entering the competition.
The concept of the Ironman challenge is about not dying or use any beneficial products within the game. You have to reach level 80 without using extra boost from Food, Scrolls, Potions, Elixirs, Experience Boost (RAF or different rate), Enchantments, Glyphs or Professions except from First Aid. You also aren't allowed to equip Uncommon Quality Items, this also includes Bags and other Higher Quality Items. Besides that you are not allowed to assist yourself by sending yourself Gold or Mail yourself things. Getting assistance from others is also not allowed , this includes everything where you have to group up with someone – Battlegrounds, Dungeons, Raids, Summoning, Portals or just Group Leveling. You are not allowed to use stuff that gives you an extra life since you have died before you could use it. That disqualifies you – to be precise, we are talking Soulstone and Reincarnation.
There is a few things you are allowed to do of course. You are allowed to use your Talents and Buffs you provide yourself. You are allowed to use Mana and Health Potions and receive Buffs from players that pass you, yet you are not allowed to ask for them yourself. You are allowed to use Abilities that convince the target to believe you are dead(Feign Death etc.), yet you are not. You can use Hearthstone and Mount without any negative effects.
When you complete the challenge you will receive the Reins of the Bengal Tiger on a 70+ character of your own choice but it must be on same account as the contender. And the incredible honor that follows it!
More details, advice and shared experience can be found on the forum page: viewtopic.php?f=41&t=35630

We hope you have enjoyed this newsletter. If you have any suggestions for upcoming releases - let us known in Private Messages on the forums or on the Discord server. Thank you for playing TrueWoW!

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