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Arena/BG Update

Posted: 30 Aug 2021 16:05
by Ayoe
Arena Event Cancelled
We have chosen to cancel the Arena Event. The reasons behind it is a lot of different factors. The biggest one is the fact that not enough have participated hence it haven't been a success. So we will take it back to the draft table and re-evaluate the event and the execution of it.
With all that said, we want to say THANK YOU to those who actually showed up and took the time to participate. Thank you for your support. As a bandage on the wound we are going to make Battleground Sunday also Battleground Tuesday! So from now on we will be promoting Random Battlegrounds every Sunday at 5pm, and every Tuesday at 7pm.
We hope everyone can accept this and will take part in our big battles on the field.
Note: We have NOT given up on Arenas yet, we just need more time to re-think it or so. It doesn't mean that you can't do Arenas, if you see people que up, go que with your partner if you want to! It is just our event that is cancelled but Arenas are open for play ANY DAY, ANY TIME! And the PvP changes are still there as well. So nothing changed except that Arena event is being replaced with RBG event.

Kind Regards
TrueWoW Staff Team

Re: Arena/BG Update

Posted: 31 Aug 2021 04:49
by bobsmyname
Cancel Culture has gone too far this time