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PvP Information

Posted: 03 Aug 2021 13:55
by Ayoe
Time to do Arenas!
Since our Sunday battleground event have been a big success and in the light of recent arena changes made, we would like to inform you of latest PvP event we are making! It is time to find a partner and head to the sewer to que up for arenas. Wrathful gear awaits you there. You are welcome to make teams and join the que on 10th of August from 7 PM (19:00) to 8 PM (20:00). In case you have trouble finding a partner, there is a Forum Thread where you can post your class/spec and possibly find your partner. The link to the forum thread is: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=40625

PvP Changes
Over the past year have there been made a lot of changes when it comes to PvP. It is easier to gain honor points in general, due to the fact that you get 3x honor points from everything that provides it. You also get 3x arena points from the first battleground win of the day. Besides that we have made arena more forgiving towards players that are new to PvP in general. Relentless gear has gotten cheaper to buy so you are not forced to do arenas to get it, yet it is the fastest way. If you aren’t that experienced and loose a lot of battles in arena, you still get rewarded til 1800 rating. That means you start at 0 rating and all the way to 1800, you will not loose rating but only gain, so you easier can reach your best in slot PvP items. There is much more changes that makes it easier for you as a new player or just new PvP player to get into it, and actually get a fair game out of it! You can read all the changes on forum thread: viewtopic.php?f=92&t=40598&hilit=PvP+changes

How to get PvP gear
In this section of the post we will give you an overview of ways to obtain PvP gear, so you, as a new player, know what options you got and have an idea of how to prepare yourself for all the PvP actions. These are the following ways:
- The easiest and fastest way is through the arena. You find a partner and que up for 2v2, you do 10 games and get rewarded arena points. And then you have to gather honor points from battlegrounds and there you will even get 75 arena points from the first win of the day.
- Another way of getting PvP gear is from triumph emblems or frost emblems, depending what you have available and how high a set you aim for. But you will still need to buy other pieces like bracer, ring, cloak, belt, boots, neck from honor vendor in Stormwind or Orgrimmar.
- Your third way of getting gear is by doing a lot of dungeons which gives triumph emblems which you can buy some pieces with, as mentioned above, but also gather stone keeper shards which can be converted in Wintergrasp to Wintergrasp badges that provides 6000 honor points each. If you choose this way doing the two available Wintergrasp weekly quests, it is a great idea, since they provide honor points and a few stone keeper shards.
- The last option is a very simple one, might be a bit slow but you can just do battlegrounds, and buy gear purely from honor points to begin with. This option is also the one where you learn the most, by gaining a lot of experience and just have a lot of fun.

The best setup for arenas
There is not really a rule about what combo of partners do you need to have for winning arenas, since it all depends on the individual players skills and how you manage the teamwork. Though there is some combos that compliment each other based on their abilities and just as a help, we will list them below. But keep in mind, IT IS ALL UP TO YOU! The best partner is one, you can teamwork with.
Holy Paladin + Arms Warrior
Discipline Priest + Retribution Paladin
Elemental Shaman + Discipline Priest
Discipline Priest + Feral Druid
Discipline Priest + Marksmanship Hunter
Retribution Paladin + Marksmanship Hunter
Restoration Shaman + Destruction Warlock
Elemental Shaman + Destruction Warlock
Discipline Priest + Unholy Death knight
Shadowpriest + Frost mage
Discipline Priest + Arms Warrior
Holy Paladin + Destruction Warlock
Holy Paladin + Unholy Death knight.
Rogue + Hunter
Rogue + Mage
Shadowpriest + Mage
Feral Druid + Restoration shaman
Retribution Paladin + Enhancement Shaman
Feral Druid + Enhancement Shaman
Retribution Paladin + Death Knight

Update on Sunday Battlegrounds
We have had the Sunday battlegrounds going for a months time by now. We can with a smile say it has been a huge success, and for that we want to thank all those who have participated in the events. Every single one of you have been a huge part in making what it has become. It has become something we look forward to and it has caused that we lately have been seeing battlegrounds going on every day, in smaller and bigger amounts. So thank you, and GOOD JOB! We hope this will continue and in the future we are planning on adding another day into the weekly schedule for battlegrounds. But that will be given more information about when it is happening.
We have met some bugs during the events that we, as Staff Team, have not been aware of. We are working on fixing them but it is a bit more complex, and that is why we have removed Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest from the Random Battleground selection at this moment. We rather have battlegrounds that can be done and completed in a fair way. We are looking into them and working on fixing them, and when we are ready for it they will open but for now, instead of fighting bugs and get frustrated by that, we have disabled them.

In general if you have suggestions for any changes in general on the server, we have a forum section for this and you are more than welcome to make your suggestions there. Everyone can comment on it and add their thoughts into it. Though if you have any more direct questions or ideas regarding the PvP events are you welcome to send Cherub, Lightbearer or Ayoe a message on the forum.
Kind Regards
TrueWoW Staff Team