Testers Revenue: Revamp!

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Testers Revenue: Revamp!

#1 » Post by IronSharona » 07 Nov 2017 09:49

Testers' Revenue: Revamp!

Hello and welcome to Testers' Revenue: Revamp!
A project brought to you by Truewow Staff

This project aims to enhanced the quality of released instances and, well, anything else released!


Developers are working hard to prevent and fix all bugs.
As you may have noticed, it is practically impossible to do this, as new issues arise each day.

For big releases, such as that of Serpentshrine Caverns on PrimalWoW, our Devs embrace a mindset of wanting as few bugs as possible. Due to the recent lack of testers, this was very difficult to accomplish. Critical bugs simply had not been reported.

This project aims to prevent repeats of this scenario by ensuring all critical bugs are reported in advance of releases.

The Revamp

If you are a current tester, you surely have noticed the strange slew of private messages asking if you wish to stay in the group. We are doing a cleanse by removing anyone who not longer wishes to contribute via testing.

We will be recruiting sexy people that desire to contribute to our community through playing the game itself! We are looking for outstanding community members who show commitment to identifying, confirming, and retesting issues in order to create a better gaming environment for all.

Already interested?
Check the recruitment thread here!

EXTRA: Rewards for Testers!

We love our people! We want to reward our loyal contributors after all the times you click .damage to find bugs.
Therefore, thanks to our lovely web developer Nuko and the angel Nyeriah for setting up the system, all active testers will be rewarded with Partipication Tokens (PT).

More on Participation Tokens...
These are an out-of-game currency rewarded for participating in any TrueWoW-sponsored event: whether it is a contest, tester contributions, or in-game feature. PT can be converted to a previously unobtainable mount or Web Points, which can be used in our store! Note: Web Points can also be obtained by voting for our server or making donations.

Here's some bonus information from Nyeriah, creator of the Participation Token:
Players are able to use Participation Tokens to redeem web points and the unique Item Loading....
You can see your current amount of tokens at your account manager, and consume them at https://truewow.org/ibt.

Tester Perks
Every tester will be added to the tester forum group, giving them the Tester title.
They will also get access to extra commands on the Public Testing Realm, as well as access to a new section of the forum devoted to testers and development. But that's not all! They will even have unique access to a channel on our Discord that is home base for all tester activity. There, they will be able to interact with our developers, as well as other testers.

Recruitment is open to anyone, but only those qualified as current, upstanding members of the community will be selected.
Visit our recruitment thread here!

Stay true,

- The TrueWoW Team

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Re: Testers Revenue: Revamp!

#2 » Post by IronSharona » 07 Nov 2017 09:51

Thanks to these people for making this possible!

Nuko - The Reward System
Jiranthos - Recruitment
Errorista - Tester group enhancement
IronSharona - Public Relations
Natnat - Tester Management
Testers Revenue: Revamp is made by Eronox!
Welcome to the new decade! Let's hope the Roaring 20's come with just as much jazz, but a bit less prohibition and Great Depression. 8-)

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