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Re: Bugtracker Changelog

#76 » Post by Errorista » 01 May 2020 09:38

TW 3.3.5a - 04.2020

0005806: [Script] Ogri'la Apexis Relics' minigame does not work (Doctor_J)
0007788: [Quest] Brunnhildar Village - keep losing illusion (Doctor_J)
0007869: [Quest] Unable to start quest started by "Murkblood Escape Plans" (Doctor_J)
0007853: [Spell/Skill] [Paladin] Mount training (warhorse/charger) available at wrong levels (Doctor_J)
0007862: [Quest] Bug with "Fresh Remounts" Dragonblight quest (Doctor_J)
0007859: [Dungeon/Raid] [ZA] A spawned NPC in Zul'Aman, not selling all the items he's supposed to (Doctor_J)
0007860: [Quest] Sacred Fire quest too little spawned Incendia Agave (Doctor_J)
0005248: [Item] Stormchops do not work (andriuspel)
0007291: [Dungeon/Raid] Black Temple - Illidan Stormrage - Multiple spells working incorrecty. (andriuspel)
0007640: [Quest] Call To Arms! (Battleground) Daily Quests Missing (natnat123)
0007799: [Dungeon/Raid] [Magister's Terrace] Kael'Thas seems becomes interupt immune after first attempt (natnat123)
0006658: [Dungeon/Raid] PTR - SSC - Leotheras the blind Chaos Blast not activating warlock nether protection talent (natnat123)
0007760: [NPC] [Ulduar] Druid NPC During Hodir fight doesn't cast "Star Light" when freed. (andriuspel)
0007608: [Item] [Mana Potion Injector] (andriuspel)
0007237: [Spell/Skill] Some boss abilities should ignore pets (andriuspel)
0007836: [Item] Black Bow of the Betrayer not draining mana (andriuspel)
0007744: [Spell/Skill] [Death Knight] Death Grip not working (andriuspel)
0007829: [Dungeon/Raid] Ulduar - Mimiron - Adds do not de-spawn upon wiping. (andriuspel)
0000744: [Dungeon/Raid] Avoiding death at PP (andriuspel)
0006732: [Dungeon/Raid] ICC - Lowerspire Traps invisible for Rogues (andriuspel)
0007841: [Item] Deathwing Brood Cloak (andriuspel)
0000075: [BattleGround/Arena] Experience in battleground (andriuspel)
0007777: [NPC] [NPC] Captain Tyralius (Doctor_J)
0007837: [Quest] Quest: BRINGING DOWN HEB'JIN (Doctor_J)

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Re: Bugtracker Changelog

#77 » Post by Errorista » 01 Jun 2020 16:18

TW 3.3.5a - 05.2020

0007863: [Spell/Skill] [Warrior] Lord Marrowgar's Bone Storm does not trigger Retaliation damage (andriuspel)
0007918: [Talent] [Warrior] Taste for blood procs when Rend is absorbed (andriuspel)
0007844: [Talent] [Shaman] Nature`s Guardian not proccing (andriuspel)
0007903: [Item] PW - Brilliant Glass - missing epic gem loot (andriuspel)
0004427: [Other] Deaths at the end of duels. (administrator)
0006253: [Dungeon/Raid] Gruul's Lair - Trash respawn during Gruul encounter. (andriuspel)
0006579: [Dungeon/Raid] PTR - SSC - Hydross the unstable should not be blockable. (andriuspel)
0007893: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Nexus - Grand Magister Telestra (missing visual) (andriuspel)
0007897: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Utgarde Keep -Dalronn the Controller and Skarvald the Constructor (not resetting properly) (andriuspel)
0007895: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Utgarde Keep - Dragonflayer Runecaster (Njord’s Rune of Protection) (andriuspel)
0007894: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Utgarde Keep - Dragonflayer Strategist (abilities not working) (andriuspel)
0007899: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Utgarde Keep -Skarvald the Constructor (frenzy ability) (andriuspel)
0007646: [Spell/Skill] [Mage] Blink spell issues @ Trial of the Champion area. (andriuspel)
0007896: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Utgarde Keep - Ingvar the Plunderer (ability not working) (andriuspel)
0002200: [Dungeon/Raid] Containers: Warpwood Pods and Stratholme Supply Crate unopenable (Doctor_J)
0004264: [Quest] [quest] Root Samples are gatherable outside barrens (Doctor_J)
0007889: [Quest] Searing Gorge - Kill 'Em With Sleep Deprivation quest does not spawn adds or Chambermaid Pillaclencher (Doctor_J)
0007898: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Utgarde Keep -Proto-drake rider (visual tweak) (andriuspel)
0007883: [BattleGround/Arena] Battleground Spirit Healers do not resurrect players (Roel)
0007866: [Spell/Skill] [Warlock] Health Funnel uses too much health (Iniyam)

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Re: Bugtracker Changelog

#78 » Post by Errorista » 01 Jul 2020 15:35

TW 3.3.5a - 06.2020

0007971: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Halls of Lightning - Storming Vortex (ai behavior) (Doctor_J)
0007972: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Halls of Lightning - Stormforged Sentinel (ai behavior) (Doctor_J)
0007966: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Halls of Lightning - Stormforged Tactician (missing ability, ability issue) (Doctor_J)
0007901: [Dungeon/Raid] [Npc] Azjol'nerub - Anu’bar Prime Guard (ability not working) (Doctor_J)
0007942: [Dungeon/Raid] [dungeon] Drak’tharon - Kurzel and darkweb victim (Doctor_J)
0007965: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Halls of Lightning - Hardened Steel Skycaller (missing ability ai behavior, heroic) (Doctor_J)
0007967: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Halls of Lightning - Blistering Steamrager (missing ability, heroic) (Doctor_J)
0007973: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Halls of Lightning - Titanium Thunderer (missing ability(ies?), move pattern) (Doctor_J)
0007954: [Dungeon/Raid] [Shadow Labyrinth] Tortured Skeletons - unattackable. (Doctor_J)
0007976: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Halls of Lightning - Ionar (ability issue) (andriuspel)
0007930: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Drak’tharon - Drakkari Guardian (abilities) (Doctor_J)
0007946: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Gundrak - Unyielding Constrictor (missing ability) (Doctor_J)
0007934: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Drak’tharon - Drakkari Commander (abilities) (Doctor_J)
0007945: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Gundrak - Spitting Cobra (missing ability) (Doctor_J)
0007956: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Halls of Stone - Dark Rune elementalist (abilities issues) (Doctor_J)
0007952: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Gundrak - Drakkari Rhino (missing ability) (Doctor_J)
0007951: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Gundrak - Ruins Dweller (missing ability) (Doctor_J)
0007923: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] The Violet Hold - Azure portal guardian (missing ability) (Doctor_J)
0007906: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Ahn'Kahet : the Old Kingdom - Eye of Taldaram (abilities not working) (Doctor_J)
0007907: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Ahn'Kahet : the Old Kingdom - Bonegrinder (missing abilities) (Doctor_J)
0007911: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Ahn'Kahet : the Old Kingdom - Twilight Apostle (ability refresh) (Doctor_J)
0007908: [Dungeon/Raid] [dungeon] Ahn'Kahet : the Old Kingdom - Frostbringer (ability change) (Doctor_J)
0007900: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Azjol'nerub - Krik’thir the Gatewatcher (missing link, abilities tweak) (andriuspel)
0007891: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Nexus - Azure Scale-Binder (Ai behavior) (Doctor_J)
0007920: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] The Violet Hold - Azure saboteur (animation tweaks) (andriuspel)
0007931: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Drak’tharon - Drakkari Shaman (ai behavior) (Doctor_J)
0007914: [Quest] Shizz Work (Doctor_J)
0007832: [Core] [Death Knight] Gargoyle damage inconsistent with DK's Attack Power (andriuspel)
0007830: [Core] [Death Knight] Permanent Ghoul is inheriting wrong Attack Power (Unholy) (andriuspel)
0007831: [Core] [Death Knight] Permanent Ghoul's wrong strength to attack power conversion (unholy) (andriuspel)
0007487: [Spell/Skill] [Priest] Prayer of Mending - Not behaving as a smart heal. (andriuspel)
0003931: [NPC] Ith'rix the Harvester (Doctor_J)
0000326: [Quest] Fate, Up Against Your Will (Doctor_J)
0007685: [Spell/Skill] spell: Dire Brew exploitable (andriuspel)
0007871: [Profession] "Terocone" respawn time! (Doctor_J)
0004476: [Quest] [Quest] The Light of Dawn (andriuspel)
0007664: [NPC] [NPC] Zul'Drak - Crazed Water Spirit - random evade issues (andriuspel)

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Re: Bugtracker Changelog

#79 » Post by Errorista » 02 Aug 2020 16:55

TW 3.3.5a - 07.2020

0008003: [Dungeon/Raid] [dungeon] Oculus - Mage-Lord Urom (adds waves issue, ability missing) (andriuspel)
0007912: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Ahn'Kahet : the Old Kingdom - Jedoga Shadowseeker (animation tweak) (andriuspel)
0005234: [Core] Defensive abilities that proc on being crit & resilience (PTR) (andriuspel)
0000432: [Talent] Critical Strikes not proccing additional DoTs on Fully Absorbed Damage. (andriuspel)
0007984: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] The Culling of Stratholme - Master Necromancer (missing abilities) (andriuspel)
0007892: [Dungeon/Raid] [dungeon] Nexus - Trash packs not linked and missing patrols (andriuspel)
0008002: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Oculus - Phantasmal Ogre (missing ability) (Doctor_J)
0007983: [Dungeon/Raid] [Script/Text] The Culling of Stratholme - Mal'ganis (quotes tweak) (andriuspel)
0007759: [Dungeon/Raid] [Ulduar] - NPC are not there in Flash Freeze tombs on Hodir (andriuspel)
0005595: [Achievement] [Ulduar] no achievement credit for dead players (andriuspel)
0007826: [Dungeon/Raid] Ulduar - Hodir have 8 Friendly NPC infront in 10 mode which is too many (andriuspel)
0004494: [Dungeon/Raid] Ulduar - Razorscale - Flame Breath issue (part 2) (andriuspel)
0007970: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Halls of Lightning - Cyclone (missing immunity, Heroic) (andriuspel)
0007968: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Halls of Lightning - Slag (missing ability, missing immunity) (andriuspel)
0008006: [Dungeon/Raid] [dungeon] Oculus - Oculus Dragon Mount (visual, sound) (andriuspel)
0007426: [Profession] Blacksmithing plans (object in Blackrock depths) (andriuspel)
0007985: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] The Culling of Stratholme - Crypt Fiend (missing ability) (andriuspel)
0007986: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] The Culling of Stratholme - Meathook (ability issue, heroic ability) (andriuspel)
0007987: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] The Culling of Stratholme - Salramm the Fleshcrafter (heroic ability) (andriuspel)
0003186: [Quest] Search and Rescue (Doctor_J)
0007928: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Drak’tharon - Scourge Reanimator (ability, mob issue) (Doctor_J)
0007716: [Quest] [NPC] Stoma the Ancient not present (administrator)
0007798: [Dungeon/Raid] [NPC] Shattered Halls - Shattered Hand Centurion (missing ability) (andriuspel)
0002921: [Quest] Draw distance on Sorlof for quest "Sorlof's Booty" is too short to allow targeting from the ship. (andriuspel)
0003946: [Profession] Black Temple - recipes and plans drop rate are incorrect (Doctor_J)
0001703: [Other] Mining nodes (Doctor_J)
0002406: [Spell/Skill] When I Shadowmeld I enter PvP mode (andriuspel)
0007586: [Quest] Quest: Sarathstra, Scourge of the North doesn't land (Doctor_J)
0007839: [BattleGround/Arena] Hunter + Warlock pets cannot be dodged or parried (administrator)
0007751: [Quest] Quest - Sniffing Out the Perpetrator - Stormforged Pursuer does not attack (andriuspel)
0007854: [Quest] Gerenzo's Orders wont give party credit (administrator)
0008011: [Armory] Frostbrood Spawn (Doctor_J)
0007989: [BattleGround/Arena] [Hunter] Invisible Traps (andriuspel)
0007955: [Quest] Bring Me the Egg (Doctor_J)
0005870: [Spell/Skill] Circle of Healing is targeting pets despite party memebers being low on hp (andriuspel)
0007974: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Halls of Lightning - Titanium Vanguard (ability tweak) (Doctor_J)
0007969: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Halls of Lightning - Titanium Siegebreaker (missing abilites) (Doctor_J)
0008010: [Item] Free Knot - cache (Doctor_J)
0001771: [Quest] Quest - Harp on This! (Doctor_J)
0007990: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Utgarde Pinnacle - Dragonflayer Fanatic (missing ability, ability issue H) (Doctor_J)
0004900: [Quest] Escape from Umbrafen (administrator)
0006006: [Quest] Escape from Skettis / Skyguard Prisoner (administrator)
0007998: [Item] Dimensional Ripper - Everlook side effect does too much damage (and instantly) (Doctor_J)
0000655: [Quest] Quest - Protect Kanati Greycloud (Doctor_J)
0005388: [NPC] Firemane Drakes should fly above Alcaz Island (Doctor_J)
0008000: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Oculus - Azure Ring Guardian (behavior) (Doctor_J)
0007921: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] The Violet Hold - Cyanigosa (loot and non-agressive) (andriuspel)
0003921: [NPC] Quest - The Drakkensryd - Evading NPC's (Doctor_J)
0005496: [Other] You, Robot - Group Quest. (Doctor_J)
0007999: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Oculus - Azure Spellbinder (ability difficulty change) (Doctor_J)
0008001: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Oculus - Phantasmal Mammoth (missing ability) (Doctor_J)
0007992: [Dungeon/Raid] [npc] Utgarde Pinnacle - Ymirjar Flesh Hunter (missing ability?) (Doctor_J)
0006574: [Other] Undercity Guards heckle all players (andriuspel)
0006404: [Script] Quest - You're Fired! - No visual effects/NPC spawns in wrong place (Doctor_J)
0005403: [Profession] Dalaran Forge of Fate not working (andriuspel)
0005085: [Dungeon/Raid] Sethekk Halls - no Lakka NPC in heroic version (administrator)
0004992: [Other] World's End Tavern - L70ETC Concert doesn't happen (Doctor_J)
0003776: [NPC] NPC - The Defias Traitor (Doctor_J)
0002538: [Script] Quest: Feast at the Blue Recluse (administrator)
0003718: [Quest] The Defias Messenger doesn't spawn (administrator)
0003853: [Quest] The Ward of Wakening: Bogblossoms do not explode (administrator)
0002042: [NPC] A blade fit for a champion (administrator)
0006652: [NPC] Quest - The Ata'mal Terrace - quest is not scripted (Doctor_J)
0004933: [Quest] What do you feed an yeti anyway? (administrator)
0004057: [Quest] Unable to complete quest: Two Wrongs... (Doctor_J)
0001670: [Script] All Is Well That Ends Well - Dalaran Event (andriuspel)
0000045: [Quest] Stave of the Ancients - One of the heads will not drop. (Doctor_J)
0008005: [Dungeon/Raid] [dungeon] Oculus - Cache of Eregos (missing visual) (andriuspel)

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Re: Bugtracker Changelog

#80 » Post by Errorista » 01 Sep 2020 15:54

TW 3.3.5a - 08.2020

0004340: [Quest] Quest bugged "from the depths of Azjol-Nerub" (Doctor_J)
0007234: [Script] Kaliri Nest - object does not have cooldown on use (administrator)
0007069: [Quest] Goggeroc wont appear (Doctor_J)
0007293: [Quest] Quest: Vision Guide - it drops your body at the end of a cave (Doctor_J)
0007256: [NPC] Borean Tundra - Warsong Hold Shaman isn't using either abilities or quotes (Doctor_J)
0007332: [NPC] Warsong Hold Mage isn't using either abilities or quotes (Doctor_J)
0007257: [NPC] Borean Tundra - Warsong Peon - isn't using quotes (Doctor_J)
0007333: [NPC] Warsong Hold Warrior isn't using either abilities or quotes (Doctor_J)
0000108: [Quest] Kodo roundup doesn't work (Doctor_J)
0002210: [Quest] Quest: Freedom to Ruul (Doctor_J)
0007079: [NPC] Frostbrood Spawn (Sindragosa's Fall, Icecrown): unaggroable. (Doctor_J)
0007575: [Quest] [Quest] Escape from Firewing Point - Can't heal Isla Starmane + Her abilities are missing. (Doctor_J)
0007457: [NPC] Quest: Chains of the Anub'ar, Missing NPC (administrator)
0002970: [Quest] Ursoc, the Bear God-the npc doesn't work (Doctor_J)
0007050: [NPC] Silvermoon City NPCs not Pathing (Doctor_J)
0004849: [NPC] Terokkar Forest - Ironjaw doesn't patrol (Doctor_J)
0006773: [Other] Master looter (cannot see the recipes) (andriuspel)
0007682: [NPC] [Ulduar] Hodir - Elementalist NPC during fight doesn't cast "Storm Cloud" on a player when freed. (andriuspel)
0006256: [NPC] Seer Skaltesh - Gossip option does not give Elemental Sapta - Elemental Sapta does not work and many spirits are missing. (administrator)
0001161: [Quest] Cannons for Last Lines of Defense (administrator)
0007267: [NPC] Npc "Private Thorsen" has no movement paths (Doctor_J)
0003505: [Dungeon/Raid] ICC - No Faction Camp after defeating Deathbringer Saurfang (andriuspel)
0008042: [Quest] Quest "They're Alive! Maybe" doesn't count all released Expedition Researchers (Doctor_J)
0008043: [Quest] Quest They're Alive! Maybe... spawned Tel'athion the Impure from cocoon (Doctor_J)
0006434: [Quest] "Varedis Must Be Stopped" quest item doesn't work (Doctor_J)
0007303: [Spell/Skill] Solace of the Defeated / Fallen does not proc when casting Prayer of Mending. (andriuspel)
0001598: [Item] Gnomish Battle Chicken (Doctor_J)
0004519: [NPC] [Needed for Quest completion]High Priest Talet-Kha remains unresponsive sometimes (Doctor_J)
0007769: [Talent] Pet Talent: Wild Hunt not working (andriuspel)
0001945: [BattleGround/Arena] Vehicles losing HP (andriuspel)
0006095: [Achievement] Crossfaction - Got Resilient Victory awarded wrongly (andriuspel)
0007427: [Achievement] Resilient Victory / Arathi Basin Perfection (andriuspel)
0005797: [Spell/Skill] Auto Shot freeze while casting Steady Shot (administrator)
0001247: [Spell/Skill] Hunter's Feign Death interrupts Lich King's Defile cast (andriuspel)
0005836: [Talent] Rogue - Unfair Advantage does not work (administrator)
0006774: [Core] Hunter Traps trigger radius and weird delay (andriuspel)
0007796: [Spell/Skill] [Rogue] Premeditation - combo points do not expire after 20 seconds. (andriuspel)
0000612: [Talent] Beast Mastery - Pet Size (andriuspel)
0005180: [Item] Warrior - Thunder/Deep Thunder/Stormherald will not proc Second Wind (andriuspel)
0005427: [Core] Melee range leeway (andriuspel)
0008044: [Talent] [Warrior] Second Wind - not a 100% proc chance vs immobilizations (andriuspel)
0007762: [Talent] [Warrior] Wrecking Crew is not a guaranteed proc on some warrior abilities. (andriuspel)
0007622: [Dungeon/Raid] 2nd chest (Nalorakk) loot from ZA timed run cannot be traded (natnat123)
0004172: [Dungeon/Raid] Eye of Eternity - Saronite Bomb (natnat123)
0006085: [NPC] Demon Hunter Supplicant not fighting each other (Doctor_J)
0002364: [Item] Lok'Delar Staff Unobtainable (Doctor_J)
0007874: [NPC] 2 reputation gain instead of 10 reputation (Doctor_J)
0003320: [Quest] Quest - Plagued Lands - Darkshore (Doctor_J)
0004892: [NPC] In Defense of the King's Land part 4 (administrator)
0004710: [Quest] Haleh's Will isn't cast on you after picking up Wrath of the Blue Flight, nor does the spell work. (administrator)
00004906: [Dungeon/Raid] The Steamvault - Warlord Kalithresh (administrator)
0005230: [Dungeon/Raid] PTR - Steam Vault - Warlord Kalithresh (administrator)
0006277: [Quest] The Tome of Valor - Mobs are badly scriptet wich causes quest to be impossible to complete (administrator)
0005261: [NPC] Rin'Ji - Hinterlands, Quel'Danil lodge (administrator)
0001982: [Dungeon/Raid] Ragnaros - Son of Flame (natnat123)
0007269: [NPC] [32358] Fumblub Gearwind (Mechanical) can be skinned (natnat123)
0004840: [Other] Dalaran lights (natnat123)
0007748: [NPC] Wrong NPC model (administrator)
0007939: [Dungeon/Raid] [dungeon] Drak’tharon - Mobs fighting on the rampart (animation tweak) (Doctor_J)
0002900: [Spell/Skill] Resilience does not reduce crit chance in PvE (administrator)
0002932: [Core] Trinket 30 second delay (administrator)
0005365: [NPC] NPC - Apprentice Nelphi (administrator)
0005116: [Spell/Skill] Aquatic Form glitch on Stormwind (administrator)
0002551: [Dungeon/Raid] Baron Rivendare - Death Pact heal boss even when minions are dead (administrator)
0002667: [Item] Spectral Essence - Caer Darrow (administrator)
0001882: [Other] Instance full bug (administrator)
0003748: [Dungeon/Raid] Ruby Sanctum - Halion's Shadow Realm visible threat table is bugged (administrator)
0007910: [Dungeon/Raid] [dungeon] Ahn'Kahet : the Old Kingdom - Twilight camp fire visual effect (Doctor_J)
0003226: [NPC] Onslaught Knight does not reset aggro (Doctor_J)
0007629: [Achievement] The achievement Resilient Victory is always gotten by winning AB (andriuspel)
0007828: [Dungeon/Raid] Ulduar - Hodir - Hidden Flash freeze npcs do not despawn at the end of the encounter, causing combat bug. (andriuspel)
0006761: [Achievement] I Have the Coolest Friends (andriuspel)
0007825: [Achievement] Ulduar - Hodir HM achievement "I could say this cache is rare" Doesn't trigger when criteria is met (andriuspel)
0004353: [Spell/Skill] Ulduar - Flame Leviathan - Electroshock does not always hit (andriuspel)
0008017: [Dungeon/Raid] [Ruby Sanctum] - Hunter pet is not hitting the boss (andriuspel)
0007548: [Quest] "Taming the Beast" hunter quest cannot be completed by Draeni (administrator)
0004623: [Spell/Skill] Roanauk Icemist - Icemist's Blessing affects hostile NPCs (Doctor_J)
0004965: [Quest] Across Transborea - Undoable because of Bug (administrator)
0007585: [NPC] NPC: Duke Vallenhal uses Rocket Blast instead of Bloodworms ability. (Doctor_J)
0007419: [Quest] Weakness to Lightning (Doctor_J)
0008038: [NPC] [Scholomance] Two mini bosses not dropping anything beside runecloths (Doctor_J)
0008018: [Item] Respawn timer of lockpicking leveling boxes is to high (Doctor_J)
0001849: [Quest] Mastery of the Crystals quest - crystals not working (Doctor_J)
0008022: [Item] Vengeful Gladiator's Felweave Gloves not sold from vendor (Doctor_J)

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