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Re: Bugtracker Changelog

#106 » Post by Errorista » 01 Nov 2022 16:27

TW 3.3.5a - 10.2022

0008447: [Dungeon/Raid] High Astromancer Solarian not dropping loot (andriuspel)
0008408: [Script] ICC - LK - no enrage after death in Harvest Soul (andriuspel)
0008472: [Dungeon/Raid] Hand of Freedom doesnt remove the slow from Sindy's breath (andriuspel)
0004170: [Dungeon/Raid] ToC - Anub'arak - HoP / Iceblock / death submerge phase bug (andriuspel)
0008307: [Dungeon/Raid] Trial of Crusader - The Twin Val'kyr (andriuspel)
0003219: [Spell/Skill] Angle of All Cone spells (andriuspel)
0002534: [Dungeon/Raid] EoE - Life Burst (andriuspel)
0008469: [Spell/Skill] Hunger for blood_assassination rogue (andriuspel)
0006655: [Dungeon/Raid] Heroic Instance IDs Resetting Twice (administrator)
0008449: [Spell/Skill] Chains of Ice bug (andriuspel)
0008473: [Dungeon/Raid] [Magister's Terrace heroic] Wretched Skulker/Bruiser/Husk very high damage (45k on 27k plate armor) (andriuspel)
0008403: [Dungeon/Raid] Stratholme - Reset if die or disconnect (administrator)

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Re: Bugtracker Changelog

#107 » Post by Errorista » 03 Dec 2022 20:58

TW 3.3.5a - 11.2022

0007557: [Dungeon/Raid] Patchwerk sometimes doesn't use Hateful Strike (andriuspel)
0008345: [Dungeon/Raid] Ulduar - Yogg Saron fight - Constrictor Tentacle (andriuspel)
0008501: [Dungeon/Raid] Ulduar : Hodir fight - Flash Freeze does not affect Friendly NPCs (andriuspel)
0008503: [Item] Val'kyr summoned with NIBELUNG resets targeted mobs (andriuspel)
0008508: [Spell/Skill] Hit box of bosses affecting some abilitiies- Retribution Paladine Divine Storm (andriuspel)
0008507: [Dungeon/Raid] ICC: Blood queen sometimes does not fly in the air when casting the fear (andriuspel)
0008494: [Dungeon/Raid] ICC - Valithria Dreamwalker - Amplify Magic (andriuspel)
0003941: [Dungeon/Raid] ICC - Valithria Dreamwalker has no berserk timer (andriuspel)
0004463: [Dungeon/Raid] Ulduar - Yogg-Saron - Sara in Phase 2 (andriuspel)
0008271: [Dungeon/Raid] Ulduar: When activating keepers, wrong keeper get's activated (andriuspel)
0002521: [Database] Ulduar - Alchemist's Cache is Not lootable when ML is used by a ML without Alchemy. (andriuspel)
0005432: [Dungeon/Raid] Ulduar - Algalon Gives Achivement Supermassive (andriuspel)
0004434: [Dungeon/Raid] Ulduar - Algalon - Living Constellation does not cast while moving (andriuspel)
0005469: [Dungeon/Raid] Ulduar: Algalon Stars, Constellations and despawning. (andriuspel)
0002626: [Dungeon/Raid] Ulduar - Vehicle cannons have short area range (andriuspel)
0008497: [Spell/Skill] Unholy Death Knights Ebon + Shadow priest Devoring Plague combination (andriuspel)

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Re: Bugtracker Changelog

#108 » Post by Errorista » 01 Jan 2023 09:00

TW 3.3.5a - 12.2022

0008468: [Quest] Quest: Dragonmaw Shinbones (andriuspel)
0008532: [Achievement] Gurubashi Arena chest not spawning. (Doctor_J)
0008251: [NPC] Elite Crimson Bodyguards not dying (Doctor_J)
0004630: [Dungeon/Raid] Ulduar - Deploy Salvage Bot only works from Antechamber, but not in XT room. (andriuspel)
0008347: [Quest] Quest - Stunning View - gossip option missing (Doctor_J)
0008539: [Quest] The quest Recover the Cargo! does not provide the quest item (Doctor_J)
0004595: [Item] Zort's protective elixir doesn't work (andriuspel)
0002013: [Spell/Skill] Hunter pet AoE attacks hit certain non-hostile NPCs and turn them hostile towards the pet. (andriuspel)
0007104: [Dungeon/Raid] PoS - Hoarfrost on last boss doesn't work (andriuspel)
0006545: [Dungeon/Raid] Naxxramas - Sapphirons tombs are bugged (andriuspel)
0008027: [NPC] [Raid] [Obsidian Sanctum] [25] Shadron does not spawn twilight portal/add inside it and does not shield himself (administrator)
0008025: [NPC] [Raid] [Obsidian Sanctum] [25] Tenebron: portal to twilight realm doesn't exist (administrator)
0008032: [NPC] [Raid] [Obsidian Sanctum] [25] Saratharion 3D, bringing Saratharion below 35% hp while drake is up does not enrage him (administrator)
0008029: [NPC] [Raid] [Obsidian Sanctum] [25] Vesperon: portal to twilight realm doesn't spawn (administrator)
0008033: [NPC] [Raid] [Obsidian Sanctum] [25] Saratharion 3D, debuffs on players should be applied at start of fight not when dragon reaches (administrator)
0008344: [Dungeon/Raid] Few recent Ulduar issues (andriuspel)
0008500: [Achievement] Ulduar : Hodir fight - Achievements I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare (andriuspel)
0008495: [Achievement] Ulduar : Assembly of Iron fight - Achievements kill (andriuspel)
0004663: [Dungeon/Raid] Ulduar - Stormcaller Brundir - Lightning Tendrils (andriuspel)
0001626: [Dungeon/Raid] Ulduar - Assembly of Iron - too many Emblems of Triumph (andriuspel)
0004671: [Dungeon/Raid] ICC - Lady Deathwhisper - MCed people walk under texture (andriuspel)
0004651: [BattleGround/Arena] SotA - Demolisher can be absorbed (by atleast Sacred Shield) (andriuspel)
0008528: [Spell/Skill] Death Grip changes? (andriuspel)
0008527: [Dungeon/Raid] Lady Deathwhisper bug (andriuspel)
0008525: [Core] Glancing Blow on same level (andriuspel)
0008490: [Spell/Skill] [DK] Blood Plague damage formula (andriuspel)
0008526: [Item] Idol of the Crying Moon is activated by the spell Rip (andriuspel)
0002902: [Other] gold cap (andriuspel)
0008452: [Talent] Paladin - Sheath of Light's heal over time does not work on full HP target (andriuspel)
0008489: [Spell/Skill] [DK] Frost Fever damage formula (andriuspel)
0002312: [Spell/Skill] Reckoning (prot pala talent) triggers on Arcane Torrent (bloodelf racial) (andriuspel)

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Re: Bugtracker Changelog

#109 » Post by Errorista » 02 Feb 2023 16:58

TW 3.3.5a - 01.2023

0008557: [Dungeon/Raid] UBRS - Finkle Einhorn does not spawn after skinning the Beast (andriuspel)
0006047: [NPC] Mechanical Dragonling can Attack Players (andriuspel)
0002881: [Item] Razor Gauntlets (andriuspel)
0008024: [NPC] [Raid] [Obsidian Sanctum] [25] Onyx Sanctum Guardian missing ability Shockwave (andriuspel)
0005225: [Dungeon/Raid] PTR - The Underbog - The Black Stalker (andriuspel)
0004462: [Dungeon/Raid] Ulduar - Auriaya - Feral Defender will not auto attack after summon (andriuspel)
0003291: [NPC] Abyssal Dukes get stuck inside objects (andriuspel)
0007504: [NPC] Moa'ki Warriors don't fight with Snowfall Glade Reavers (andriuspel)
0002224: [NPC] Shadumbra (andriuspel)
0008512: [Quest] Quest - Beer Basted Boar Ribs have cooking requirement (andriuspel)
0008040: [NPC] [Raid][Vault of Archavon] Archavon the Stone Watcher not using properly Impale ability (andriuspel)
0004845: [NPC] NPCs running in fear (andriuspel)
0008293: [NPC] Warp-Huntress Kula's pet "Backbiter" over in Dalaran is being dragged through walls. (andriuspel)
0008541: [Achievement] Ulduar - Kologarn - Disarmed achievement (andriuspel)
0004441: [Dungeon/Raid] MC - Golemagg - Magma Splash range too low (andriuspel)
0004091: [Dungeon/Raid] RS - Soul Consumption / Fiery Combustion will not disappear after fight (andriuspel)
0007791: [Quest] [Quest] Back to the Pit ~ Warbear Matriarch shares damage with you (andriuspel)
0008547: [Dungeon/Raid] Can't complete Wailing caverns final event (andriuspel)

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