TW <Hellraisers> [The Light of Dawn]

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TW <Hellraisers> [The Light of Dawn]

#1 » Post by smartos » 17 Nov 2018 14:32

Greetings to the forum community of TrueWoW!


We would like to announce that we will host Icc25hc raid with main goal - Killing LK. And putting LoD raids back on the calender. Or just for fun, all depends on the outcome.

If you are interested in participating, all you need to do is /whisper or mail me (Kroton) the classes you can offer in order from Best-->Worst and be online on the 24-th of November (SATURDAY) between 6-7:00 pm svt.


A little info how the pre-raid setup looks like for now:

- There are still free spots.
- Casters/Heals wanted!


A little info about requirements:

- Know heroic tactics for all bosses <---
- Main toons or chars you are asked to log <---
- No gearwhoring <---
- No dramas <---
- Chill and raid <---
- Get discord and learn to use it. <---
- Killing LK is top priority <---
- Make sure to have prepared enough time for the raid. <---


Some words of advice and comfort:

- Even if you dont get an invite on the 24-th, dont feel sad! Strongly encourage you to stay online, and be helpful as a ready replacement!
- I want to thank all the players who have committed to the cause so far and the future ones yet to do so.

PS: Sorry for the crude post, but my forum skills are same as in pvp.
PPS: Contact me ingame.

Zerosolitude - Frost/Unholy DK
Kroton - Retry/Prot Pala
Sweetstrike - Fury/Arms Warr
Erectionmage - Arcane/Fire Mage
Zeroshadows - Shadow Priest
Zeroarrows - MM Hunter
Zeroclaws - Kitty/Bear/Boomy
Zeromercy - CB/Ass Rogue
Zerocurses - Demo/Affliction Warlock
Zerototems - Ele/Enha Shamy

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Re: TW <Hellraisers> [The Light of Dawn]

#2 » Post by Errorista » 17 Nov 2018 14:48

sounds fun, count me in

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Re: TW <Hellraisers> [The Light of Dawn]

#3 » Post by Regent » 17 Nov 2018 20:40

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Re: TW <Hellraisers> [The Light of Dawn]

#4 » Post by Wilcox » 19 Nov 2018 21:35



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