CTAhosts: raid on Narillasanz

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CTAhosts: raid on Narillasanz

#1 » Post by .Tomerant » 20 Aug 2015 12:17

Yesterday we met with alliance 19s and shared some toughts.
One thing is for sure. This is gonna be epic encounter if we get enough support.
Currently it's 7 of us, players that have 19 capped character, but we count on everybody that can make it to hillsbrad-alterac border.

Basic set of rules and general information about event can be found here.

Our first target is gonna be Image


This dragon is member of Red Dragonflight which,, according to the lore, we are supposed to be allied with.
For some reason he is hostile to all factions and it makes him perfect target for such events.

Top WoWHead comment about Narillasanz says following:
This particular rare spawn elite is not your ordinary elite. He is much harder than his level seems to indicate, and as someone who plays far more WoW than is healthy, I have a lot of other mobs to base this claim on. So to put this in perspective, he has double the health of your typical ogre in Nagrand in the Outlands, level 68. In fact, he has 15% less HP than a level 68 elite Mountain Gronn in Nagrand. He also hits a lot harder than his level would seem to indicate. He does damage roughly on par with a level 60 non-elite mob. So while a normal level 44 elite mob would be cake for someone around that level, this dude is not. I'd suggest if you're planning on soloing him to be at least level 50 and well geared, or have mediocre gear and be level 55. Don't be fooled by the level 44 tag! And as a side note, the half dozen or so times I've seen him he has been hanging out on the road between Chillwind Point and Strahnbrad, so I'd say he's more likely to be found there despite how far he does pat around the zone. Good luck and have fun.
Trust me, this is gonna be amazing raid if it works out :twisted:

Few more interesting facts about dragon:
- immune to fire
- can't be slowed
- can't be snared
- can't be stunned
- can't be sleeped
- casts Flame Breath which striked me 440dmg during the testing I did yesterday.
- on 50% health he casts Renew.

With all this info it's pretty much sure we are facing one badass dragon. This can easily be more challenging encounter than some 5man dungeon boss.
Dragon has no special loot and will most probably drop 10-20 silvers and random uncommon item.

Date of event is yet unknown but i'll come back and edit the post with a bump to announce it. (we expect to do it tommorrow or day after in worst case )
If you have a character at 10-19 bracket with whatever gear just bring him to event.
We currently have 7 19level geared characters participating, looking for more to strengthen our ranks.
Remember, anyone within this bracket is welcome even with gray gear.
Easiest way to prepare yourself for the day when we are gonna do this is to get your flight paths to Tarren Mill and Southshore.

Goal of this event is FUN and FUN ONLY.
Any hostile behavior will result with /kick.

Looking forward to see this monster down! Join us!
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Re: CTAhosts: raid on Narillasanz

#2 » Post by Nemirex » 20 Aug 2015 16:16

The dragon looks awesome , will be really hard elite for lvl 10-19 thats why its more exciting :)
See you there :)

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Re: CTAhosts: raid on Narillasanz

#3 » Post by .cosminn123 » 20 Aug 2015 18:00

I'll be there, i just need to level a 19 character, lol.
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