Explanation and info about "CTA hosts:" project

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Explanation and info about "CTA hosts:" project

#1 » Post by .Tomerant » 19 Aug 2015 13:18

Hello Primals!
(this is not me ofc :roll: )

I'm proud to present you our first guild project!
"CTA hosts:" is gonna be series of low level PvE events that we will host as guild.
Events are gonna be server-wide as long as cross-faction grouping is enabled, but it's originally intended as faction/guild event.

Date: each event will be announced in separate topic in this forum section at least day or two before it happens.
Type: PvE
Goal: promotion of low level activity of server in general
Idea: getting as much 10-19 lvls as possible and tackling on some elite monsters in higher level areas.

- it's forbidden to roll need on anything that drops. We are not here for loot anyway, anything you might loot you are not able to use at all. Let the "greed" roll decide who gets few more coins in their pockets.
- as long as cross-faction grouping is enabled, flagging yourself for pvp during event will get you out of current and all future events.

Why are we doing this?
Having active wide range of levels is sign of healthy server. We need more activity in this bracket, you need break from dull moments in endgame. Win / Win situation.
Or you can just QQ how bored you are... whatever :twisted:

How can I participate?
Check this forum section from time to time and get updated about "bosses" we are planning to attack. Get a flight path connected to the nearest camp and you are good to go. Make sure you whisper me (Tomerant), Cowmadness or Gruul to let us know you are in.
If we are not online mail us and it will be enough to get your spot reserved.
We will also provide escort to anyone who wasn't able to get flight path connected.

We already picked our first "boss" to tackle on but suggestions are always welcome. If you know some interesting area to raid on this level or just single elite mob that could pose us some challenge feel free to post it here.
Call to Arms takes responsibility to provide food buffs, scrolls and elixirs for all participants. This, ofc, will depend on our stock state but we will mostly be able to supply at least food and scroll buffs.

Try to keep this thread safe from flame wars and trolling. Any such post will be reported as I want clear and informative thread here.
Thanks for reading and get your low level raiders ready :twisted:
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Re: Explanation and info about "CTA hosts:" project

#2 » Post by Nemirex » 19 Aug 2015 13:56

(had to show how sexy I am)
Yes CTA will host this 10-19 PvE raid! I am so excited about this and hope to see many 10-19 levels join us in tackling some of the most fierced ?? ELITES !

Send me ( Cowmadness ) , Tomerant or Gruul a mail to reserve your spot in this unique event :)

Hope I see you there :)

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Re: Explanation and info about "CTA hosts:" project

#3 » Post by .Sorrugis » 19 Aug 2015 15:52

I like the fact that you guys are doing something different to make sure things stay fresh for people who might otherwise raid log or get burnt out.

Keep it up.

Possible idea for the future:

I've always been a huge fan of group exploration into hidden or difficult to get to places in the world. Might make it a little more difficult as level 19, but that makes the reward all the better.
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Re: Explanation and info about "CTA hosts:" project

#4 » Post by seymorebunz » 28 Aug 2015 16:16

I like this idea a lot. It reminds me of the Hogger raids on retail with 20 or more Lvl 1s.
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