healing of the marbles of fate

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healing of the marbles of fate

#1 » Post by squirrellbane » 26 Dec 2012 00:14

Well my balls are decaying and i Need help making them right again cuz the left n right one have switched le places.

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Re: healing of the marbles of fate

#2 » Post by Arthaas » 26 Dec 2012 00:16

move left ball up, move right ball down. move left ball out of place then give it a good pull it might hurt a little bit but just pool. then ask someone else to move the left ball up while you do a 360 noscope with your right ball.

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Re: healing of the marbles of fate

#3 » Post by Myaoming » 26 Dec 2012 06:04

Problem solved. Topic locked.
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