Warrior threat generation bugged?

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Re: Warrior threat generation bugged?

#16 » Post by Discarnate » 10 Mar 2013 10:43

Hammer of the Righteous is badly bugged at the moment. So, it's not surprising that a Paladin may find it very easy to hold aggro. Not to mention, the Seal of Corruption bug is also helping them. So, yeeeah.

As far as DK or druid threat is concerned, it's pretty standard. It's nothing too exciting.

The reason why many warrior tanks find it difficult to hold aggro tightly is because of their lack of knowledge about the spec. Warrior tanking is a bit more complex than the rest, so, the little bit of knowledge there will come in handy.

A warrior tank needs to know how to use Heroic Strike with the glyph to make it cost nothing (Glyph of Revenge). Due to speccing into Incite, this may and will often crit. He may choose to use Glyph of Heroic Strike to make this even better since Glyph of Devastate is only really important in PvP. Glyph of Blocking is the mandatory other one of course.

Another thing to do is to spam Devastate as much as you can to get free Shield Slams along with the standard Shield Slams. Doing this and incorporating free and/or affordable Heroic Strikes, a warrior tank can actually do very well. =)
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Re: Warrior threat generation bugged?

#17 » Post by Hellsoul » 10 Mar 2013 10:51

Well tbh, i haven't found that Warrior threat was bugged. I've started tanking rhc's when i hit 80 and i had approximately 2.5k gs. The only ppl who took aggro off me were some overgeared dps, so i didn't take that as bad tanking from my part.

What i do for single targets is i just spam Shiled Slam when it's off cooldown, use Revenge when i can and otherwise spam Devastate, because rage doesnt seem to be an issue, and if it becomes scarce, i'll just Bloodrage / shield Block and i'm good again :) . AOE threat is pretty basic: charge + Thunder Clap + shockwave + /pray no overgeared dps pulls.
I personnaly took Glyph of Blocking (pretty self explanatory) Glyph of Sunder Armor (so my devastes generate threat on 2 adds and Glyph of Debastate so i can generate faster aggro.
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Re: Warrior threat generation bugged?

#18 » Post by Toughy » 05 Jun 2013 12:50

I do find something to be wired on my warrior, and very rarely on my paladin.

A while ago I got new gear, higer GS but when I went into RHC with it, I hit that problem that I pull mobs and mobs run to group or to healer, and not to me! Though I am the only one pulling.

I have hit this problem hard back then, when my GS was actually going higher !
And I do know to collect tanking gear, don't tell me I had higher GS gear for DPS or other spec instead of tank.

I believe the developer here was right, the warrior must reach the +exp (expertize) and +hit cap. It is not about the effects with the melee mechanics the dev was taking about, but instead it appears the +exp/+hit cap is simply a requirement, for the mobs to even look at me. I suspect defense is involved somehow, so get defense up too.

Don't know what to say about my paladin, but for the pally the problem went away soon by itself so my char is ok now.

About +exp however I noted some other problem. The expertize calculation sometimes varies without reason. I socket new gems but my exp still stays at 18 or varies vary slowly. I socket one more gem and now exp suddenly goes to 24. Also it happend to me to socket a new gem and my exp stayed the same, than I re-login and my exp is now right.

So my suggestion is to re-log after socketing a new +exp gem (or other enchantment if any) to be sure the new exp calculation is right.

P.S. By the way, at level 80:
  • 26 expertise (soft cap)
  • +8% hit (soft cap, for yellow attacks only)
  • 535 defense RHCs / 540 defense raids, soft cap only, stack more when you can

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Re: Warrior threat generation bugged?

#19 » Post by areyoubananas » 13 Aug 2013 14:20

Couldn't help but laugh at some posts here. "Thunderclap spam"? LOL

how do you spam something with a 5 or more seconds cooldown? not to mention TC isn't that big a deal for threat. I've played warrior since forever, and threat is so much harder to keep as warrior than any other class simply because rage generating is also fucked up. Try "spamming" cleave and you'll see what i'm talking about. I ragestarve against bosses, let alone petty mobs. Maybe i'm too good.

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Re: Warrior threat generation bugged?

#20 » Post by areyoubananas » 13 Aug 2013 14:22

Oh yea, Glyph of Sunder? Glyph of Devastate? lmao. I mean..just lmao.

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