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[PW] Warlock Support Spec

Posted: 23 Feb 2016 23:05
by Fitzpatrick
I played around with this spec to see if I could come up with a support spec where you actually get some use out of the imp. It worked fairly well. I was able to keep the imp's mana up with normal life tapping and he did slightly more damage than my Felhunter normally does. On top of that, my damage wasn't horrible - combined I put out 950dps over the course of a ZG raid.

What have you guys tried for support specs? Have you had any success?

Re: [PW] Warlock Support Spec

Posted: 18 Mar 2016 22:28
by Fitzpatrick
Update: I used this spec again on Onyxia today b/c
1) we were light and I thought the raid could use some extra padding
2) I thought the imp would be a much better pet for phase 2
3) why not


Worked out fairly well. My DPS was waaay down b/c I was using CoE but overal damage done was very respectable. I'm still curious if anyone else has any alternate specs they've found that are at least somewhat viable.