[GUIDE] Ribbaz's Enhancement PvP guide

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[GUIDE] Ribbaz's Enhancement PvP guide

#1 » Post by ribbaribbahey » 21 Feb 2012 02:41

Here we are bros and sis's! I'm making this for anyone who wants to step into pvp as enhancement...i saw many people trying it so i hope this will be useful.

Let's start with the basics:

An enhancement shaman in 3.3.5 gains 1x(strenght) and 1x(agility) as "Attack power "(=AP), which is a stat that (without talents) will increase only your melee damage.
»Strenght is usually given in gears and enchants with an amount equal to the half and instead of attack power,so stacking strenght is bad for us because we will just lose damage.

»Agility would be good because increases the dodge chance, critical strike chance and armor; but it gives few attack power so noone uses it.

»Stacking AP is the best choice to start because with the right talents it will increase even more than agility your melee damage,your spell damage and healing.
The best trinket that fits with this is Death's Choice.
Taking a look at numbers,with endgame pvp gears agility gives roughly +2%dodge, +2%crit but -300 AP than stacking pure AP. Almost every ability gets buffed from your AP, remember also that your [Unleash Rage] increases your AP more the more it is.

»Stacking pure haste (which increases your spell and melee casting/swing speed) seems the choice of the highest ranked S8 enhancements.The aim is to reduce your GlobalCooldowns (being late with grounding totem because of the GCD is awful) and to land more melee attacks so that Maelstrom will proc more:this second feature requires to stick to your enemy for a long time to have good results.That's why it is mostly considered a PvE stat and only few braves choose haste in PvP. Haste becomes handy when you need to purge spam or cure toxins spam. This stat is rarely given in pvp gears so keep in mind that if you want to stack haste you will need some PvE gears. The best trinket for this stat is Herkuml War Token. You should stack haste until your melee swing time reaches an integer fraction of 3 seconds (3, 1.5 , 1) in order to gain the maximum uptime for windfury's procs; note that a swing time of 2.9s is the worst possible (when WF procs, its internal cooldown of 3s is triggered, but your melee swing hits 0.1s in anticipation, so your next chance of proccing WF is after 5.8s!). For this calculation consider having Flurry and Windfury Totem active.

Another trinket that fits with every choice is Whispering Fanged Skull.

»Summary: stack 0 haste or the highest amount you can get (minding the 3-sec rule for WF).

Enhancement has two primary melee abilities: [Lava lash] and [Stormstrike]. Both will perform a free attack with you off-hand/both weapons, so the more your weapons are slow,the more those abilities will hit hard.
As shamans,we can use shields too. Yes you read it right,shields. I personally use them in WTF moments vs. warriors or against "opener" classes like rogues and ferals so that i have more survivability. For that i use a macro /equipslot 17 <shield> and another one /equipslot 17 <offhand>. (This last macro is actually inside a lava lash cast).
>>Self enchants:
»Windfury (=WF) is a the main waepon enchant for our spec,it lands 2 free powerful attacks (sadly it can't proc on absorbed hits) and has a 3 seconds internal cooldown: this means that if you hold a fast weapon with WF, you will loose all those procs that would be landed in those 3 seconds after the first proc. As above, the more your weapons are slow,the more windfury will hit hard.
Using WF on both weapons improves its chance to proc, thus more hits and more maelstrom proc. BUT, since the damage from the offhand is reduced (while dualwielding the offhand has a -% to the damage done), it is a terrible idea to make the offhand windfury proc and trigger the internal cooldown, which affects the mainhand's WF as well. So better using only one WF, and use it on the mainhand.
»Flametongue (=FT) is an enchant that deals fire damages on every melee hit (based on the weapon's speed to have an average,constant damage) and increases the spell damage done. This enchant is good against physical-resistant classes because it increases lava lash's damage by 25% (that ignores armor) and makes you do more spell damage. This enchant is rarely used, but it can be done in certain duels and arena setups. For example, FT is the best choice in duels when you don't need a passive-proccing snare and/or the opponent is almost untouchable in melee: respectively agains warriors (WF+FT) and rogues (WF+FT or FT+shield).
»Frostbrand (=FB) deals a default frost damage and slows your enemies' speed.This is most useful enchant that, for example, allows you to snare your melee target and another one at the same time: use with Frost Shock (and maybe freeze it with [Frozen Power]) to mitigate their damages on you/your partners. FB's debuff is useful against magic-diespellers as it isn't considered a magic debuff but a physical one. FB procs a default number of times per minute, so having a fast weapon won't improve it.
»Earthliving cound be used 1v1 when you are pillar hugging and you are going to safely cast heals, but in good approximation it is completely useless for enhancement =P.
>>Other weapon's enchants:
Note that,unlike Death Knights, shamans can use the professions' enchants plus their self enchants on a single weapon.
As using 3 talents on [Anticipation] is not good for every built,you will have to use a [Titanium Weapon Chain] on your main-hand to reduce the disarm time of the other classes on you.If you use it on the offhand you will take a full disarm if you will hold your shield.
About the offhand, we have more or less three good enchants: Berserking, Black magic and Mongoose.
If you choose to use Anticipation, the most common choice is Berserking + Black Magic.
Be sure to not use Black magic if it would ruin your swing time/WF Gcd calculations. Infact black magic is mostly used by non-haste stackers. If you feel pro you can time BL or troll's racial or engineer's hand enchant with black magic's proc .

I'll start saying that it depends a lot by the use which your spec will have: BG's,2v2,3v3;and even for a single arena bracket it depends from who your partners are, so i'll give you some guidelines on the elective talents of enhancement.
For your first times playing arena, you may want to have [Toughness] because usually you are your own source of help, and you will most likely be the target. But don't consider it for serious pvp, as the best effect of that talent is the snare reduction, useless with [Earthen Power].
If you play arena [Reverberation] is good because this way with [Wind shear] you can interrupt more spells, and also you will be able to increase your magic damage against physical-resistant classes. If your partner has other sources of Croud-control, avoid this, there are more important talens to take.
[Dual wield specialization] affects only your melee hit, so even if you max it you'll still miss some spells. If you wear some pve items you can gain some hit rating from them and save a couple of talent points to spend elsewhere.
[Elemental fury] is very handy with high gears, as it balances out our dps between physical and magic. However, it is almost useless at then start of your journey, when your crit is low.
[Static shock] is very useful and a good alternative when you don't want to refresh your shield too often and if you find the above talents useless. When you spec into static shock, you may want to get the glyph to improve the lightning shield's damage, and as you are the favourite target, your foes will take decent damages hitting you.
also D.w.specialization will be useful to keep your white hits and ramp Maelstrom faster.

Also i specced into Clearcasting because I don't want to use Shamanistic rage to regain mana but as damage reduction against bursts. It is also good as diespel cover.

Example of builds:

Maximum offensive spec- this may lead to an early use of shamanistic rage for OOMs and let you uncovered in the time of need. This spec needs Weapon Chain.

Common 3v3 build- longevity

Common 2v2 2dps build

[Glyph of Stoneclaw Totem] and [Glyph of Feral Spirit] are a must.
Here i'll place the others glyphs i find useful: [Glyph of Lightning Shield], [Glyph of Windfury Weapon],[Glyph of Shocking], [Glyph of Stormstrike] choose the one that fits your playstyle.

In arena your main role will be to SUPPORT. This mainly means to interrupt the casters and offheal. The most efficient way to interrupt (and hex) is to -set your focus- on him and use a macro like this:
/cast [@focus] wind shear
If you want to have only one button for it and you wish to have a modifier to focus-cast
/cast [nomod] wind shear; [mod:shift, @focus] whind shear
You can replace shift with alt or command.
Same goes for frost shock, replace it in the macro above and you can cast it without switching your target! You will have to [Purge] and [Hex] so you can add the same macro for these other two spells.
To have one binding for many spell you can make macros like this one:

/cast [nomod] water shield; [mod:shift] lightning shield
Wind shear is out of the global cooldown and that means you can cast another spell with it:
/cast wind shear
/cast purge
is a simple macro that will cast both spells at once.
To heal your partner,if you don't want to click him you have two ways:a "static" macro or a mouseover macro.

1. /cast [@party1] healing wave
2. /cast [@mouseover,help,exists] healing wave
3. /cast [@mouseover,help,exists] Cure Toxins; [@player] Cure Toxins
With the second macro you will be able to cast that spell only by leaving your mouse pointer on the healthbar of the desired target.
Better than the second, the third macro will cast cure toxins on you if your mouse isn't over anyone.

Best of all combining all these functions:

/cast [nomod, @mouseover, help, exists] healing wave; [nomod] healing wave; [mod:ctrl, @party1] healing wave
This will heal yourself if you only press the HW bind AND your mouse is not on any target, will heal the mouseover if you press the normal bind and you over someone, will heal your partner if you press Ctrl+bind. Copying the last part changing ctrl to alt and party1 to party2 will also let you heal in 3v3 pressing alt+bind.

I love this macro i made to focus things on mouseover:

/focus [@mouseover, harm, exists]
Bind it to shift+spacebar and feel the pleasure

To equip back the offhand and cast lava lash:

/cast lava lash
/equipslot 17 <offhand>

The 90% of the shamans are orc to get [Blood fury] which is a good damage boost and [Hardiness] which added to the meta gem,reduces your stun time by 25%.If not enough,orcs have [Axe specializaion] which gives a passive +1.25% expertise.Theorically it's the best race because improves enha's strenght (high dps) and attenuates its weakness (chainstuns/squishyness). Tauren is also a good race because [War stomp] goes in diminishing returns only with your wolves' bash: it is used mostly by enhancement who team with healers to finish their targets. Trolls and Draeneis aren't the best to roll enhancement even if [Berserking] can be used to burst and [Gift of the Naaru] gives some more survivability.
Anyway style>racials so trolls rule.

Finally we're here. After so much setting we are prepeared to faceroll someone.Grab the first noob dangling in dalaran's sewers and duel him.
»You will mainly care about those things:
a)His cast bar . . . . . . . .b)his buffs
c)your totems . . . . . . . .d)your maeltrom procs
You can act by:
a)Interrupting his spells with wind shear or absorbing them with [Grounding totem].Don't waste grounding totem but place it when the enemy is about to complete his cast time.This way he won't be able to get rid of your totem with a ridicolous spell like ice lance.I use the addon "Quartz",that allows you to move, resize and customize the cast bars,the most important one is the Focus cast bar.
b)You can purge magic buffs;if he bursts or stuns, you can use [Shamanistic rage].Against warriors that use spell reflection you can easily wind shear them and you will get rid of their buff taking 0 dmg,0 debuffs and not losing any global cooldown.
Against all those classes who can place absorbing shields on themselves (priests,paladins,warlocks with sacrifice)you will have to purge spam until the shield is gone because WF and maelstrom can't proc from absorbed hits.
c)against warlocks/priests/warriors, [Tremor totem] will cancel their CC's; against DK's,shadow priests,hunters,ferals and rogues [Cleansing totems] will remove their DoTs. My default totem set is tremor+flametongue+cleansing+windfury.
As enhancement your [Earthbind totem] will remove any slowing effect on you: that's very handy against mages ad kiters in general.To know if your totems are still alive or if you are in theirs range you can use the addon "Power Auras"
d)If you are sticking to your enemy wait until maelstrom reaches 5 charges:if you stop at 4 your cast will be soo fast that they wont be able to interrupt you,but you will lose the melee range against kiters and the swing timer will be resetted.To track your maelstrom buffs and your shield's charges, power auras is still a valid addon .
Kiting is very important,expecially when you are 1v1 in arena (after both yours and his partners died) or in duels against meleers.If there's a pillar and you play well,all those classes who can't heal themselves can't kill you. For example,against a warrior,place earthbind and searing totem,frostshock/flameshock,stormstrike and hide.If you're lucky WF will proc and overall you will deal 4-5k damages.While you hide heal yourself to full life.Get in ghost wolf form if you need to be speedy.Use water shield because unless you will OOM pretty fast.After 3 seconds WF's cooldown will be resetted so there's a good chance it will proc with the next first hit.
2.Repeat the process.
Sadly in Dalaran the only place where duelling is allowed haven't got any place to get out your enemy's Line Of Sight(=LOS) without exiting from the duel area.
A quite harder way of kiting is by using the Deadzone. Most melees, expecially warriors, can't almost do anything if you are out of the melee reach but closer than the charge's minimum range. This is called the Deadzone. By using magma totem and earthbind totem you can almost win only by staying in this range

The following setups are the ones i found the most effective.

+Beast Mastery Hunter.This is the most known setup:it's called "Beastcleave".It has tons of damage but weak croud control: for the hunter is really hard to trap because he doesn't have scatter shot. One possible solution of this problem can be found in the following posts.Time bloodlust with bestial wrath. MM hunter works too and it is less retarded, but as they have better comps to play you won't see many MM-enha teams.
+Feral Druid. Hard to play, but funny and surprisingly decent. You and your partner will need to havea good timing with cyclones and hex, also both of you are supposed to offheal, root or CC with instant casts. Bloodlust and berserk for moar damage!
+Retribution Paladin. This setup is somehow underrated, but it can release a burst comparable to the beastcleave. Infact, if you time your bloodlust/heroism with the ret's avenging wrath,the results are impressive.The only danger doing this is that after using wings the paladin won't be able to bubble. As above, you need to support each other with heals and dispels. The lack of -50% heal debuff can prolong matches for quite a long time when you miss your kill.
+Subtely Rogue: here you won't most likely be the focus, and the magnificent CC's from the rogue allow you to most benefit from stacking haste. With -50% heal and shadow dance ppl litterally explode.
+Discipline Priest. I'm not a big fan of healer-dps teams for enha, but this one needs a mention. Having excellent CCs like mind control and some more offensive spells than other healers, priests can help you put an end to your enemy's demise.


+Beast mastery hunter and Holy paladin. The 3v3 version of Beastcleave. Easy to play and gives gains, but the effectiveness of this combo scales the worst compared to the next ones. Retarded dps since 2007.
+Sub Rogue and Discipline priest. This setup won the Galdiator title in Stormscale in S8. With the highest skill-cap among these combos, it may suck if you don't do things right.
+Arms warrior and Resto druid. Named Turbocleave, it is the option for decent players (category at which i belong). Good low-skill gains and awesome scaling with skill. Because roots are a real pain against this combo, it is often also used a Holy pala instead.

The 3v3 partner choice is limited due the need of a -50% heal debuff.Having a CC-er class with you won't be effective because enhancement has few cc:most healers can heal for 70% health in one instant heal,resetting your efforts. In 3v3 always use frostbrand.


>>you are better to interrupt the school of spells more used by the enemy class.
Ex: nature school for balance druids and elemental shams, destruction school for non-affliction locks, frost school for frost mages, holy school for discipline priests. You can use grounding totem on the other spells (in these cases starfire, lava burst, fear (if you really have to...), poly and mind control)

>>if you get polied while grounding totem is up, just destroy grounding predicting ice lance on it, so you will be freed from the poly.

>>DKs use a ton of runic power to cast their gargoyle, so most of the times that is the time to start some cure toxins spam. They will need some time to gain runic power back, track that to foresee the next death coil and absorb it with grounding. This will reduce their dps to "lipstick". You can also set you focus on the gargoyle and interrupt its casts. The use of my focus setting macro is recomeended here.

>>purging a frost mage may require to step back to avoid the ice barrier's root

>>against locks and mages you may fake cast a heal and place grounding totem asap to absorb the interrupt spell. Do this only with interrupts, don't mind about silences that don't lock your nature tree for more time than the debuff does.

>>hex or heal up when you are hoplessly out of range (waiting some Cd to approach) , chasing an unsnared enemy even in ghost wolf sometimes may be a bad idea.

>>hexing an hunter's pet forbids them to use the crit immunity ability and their master's call (hand of freedom-like spell) for the time the pet is CC'd

>>magma totem + earthbind totem + deadzone = dead warrior
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Re: [GUIDE] Ribbaz's Enhancement PvP guide

#2 » Post by Darchrow » 21 Feb 2012 07:28

woah, this is awomse, now i feel like making my shammy enha pvp :D
tyvm for the guide, im sure it damaged ur brain doing all that lol xD
and sry, me no have 15 euros, but i can make u free cookies with my mage if u want :D
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Re: [GUIDE] Ribbaz's Enhancement PvP guide

#3 » Post by ribbaribbahey » 21 Feb 2012 10:46

Hehe thanks and you're welcome. Cookies accepted. NO pies please, they're lies.
I forgot something about racials,macros and combact:i'll add it now.
I keep finding errors Q.Q

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Re: [GUIDE] Ribbaz's Enhancement PvP guide

#4 » Post by Leijon » 21 Feb 2012 20:10

My guildmates thought i sucked, until i found this guide! thank you uncle ribbz!

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Re: [GUIDE] Ribbaz's Enhancement PvP guide

#5 » Post by MissDeath » 24 Feb 2012 14:46

Hey Riba!
This is superb PVP guide.
if i may say I am honored to be "raised" by you ;)
you helped me alot before this guide and with this i just learn more.

When u have time pls say some words about PVE.. i started to really like it :D,
but I just cant do enought dps... i think 8k was my best ever... but its not enought :roll:

Cheers! 8-)
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Re: [GUIDE] Ribbaz's Enhancement PvP guide

#6 » Post by ribbaribbahey » 25 Feb 2012 00:46

Heh thanks...i'm sorry but i don't know much about PvE, but i'll write what i know:
Enha has a priority list because of maelstrom, not a rotation:
0.(if you have 2x set t10)Shamanistic rage
1.lightning bolt
2.flame shock to place the DoT
4.refresh magma totem if about to expire
5.earth shock if flame shock isn't about to fade
6.lava lash
7.refresh lightning shield if the charges are low
8.fire nova
Some people say that under the 226 dps weapons, having 2.6sec mainhand and 1.5sec offhand swing time weapons is better...i just dont care about it so i never tested it.
Socket AP and haste, berserking+ black magic as enchants;WF+FT if you use a slow offhand, double windfury if you use a dagger as offhand( this way dont take lava lash)

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Re: [GUIDE] Ribbaz's Enhancement PvP guide

#7 » Post by Discarnate » 02 Mar 2012 23:47

Very nice job, Ribbaz. =) I'd like to utilize my long experience with the specialization and contribute a few cents as well. =)

I think, Ribbaz has given you the very basics you must know about the spec with a dash extra. I'd only like to add certain key points for all the struggling Enhancement Shamans out there in PvP scenarios.

1. You must realize that you are very "squishy" and never do anything without keeping that in mind.

2. In majority of the fights, you will have to be extremely aware of certain things.
a) You must treat Maelstrom Weapon stacks very carefully. Do not use them for Healing Wave if it clips. Do not use it for Lesser Healing Wave either. Simply use it for damage or wait until you need to heal.
b) You must maintain all the absorption techniques you have at all times. Maximize the possible up-time of Stoneclaw Totem (glyphed). You may use Shamanistic Rage early during stuns. Otherwise, it's wise to save it for the dire times in long fights where it's very easy to run out of mana.
c) Use Lightning Bolt with Maelstrom Weapon stacks. Avoid Chain Lightning in PvP unless there is a condition that demands it. Use it only when there is a risk of your target being healed during the traveling period of Lightning Bolt considering your Chain Lightning could've finished him off immediately. It's an extremely mana-expensive spell that'll drain your pool really fast. Be sparing about it.
d) Learn to use Ghost Wolf like a warrior uses Charge.
e) Do not activate Spirit Walk right after you activate Feral Spirit unless you need it. Spirit Walk removes roots and give you a lot of movement speed. It has a cooldown as well. But, it'll be very embarrassing to get Frost Nova'd by a mage right after you used Spirit Walk. Save it for when it's needed. If you need movement speed, refer to point (d).
f) Do not drop Grounding Totem unless you need it. It can save your life in special situations. But, don't be shy of using it against Protection Warriors at all times. This is even more important for Elemental Shamans. Shamans will cast. Warriors will reflect. Shamans will ground. Everybody's happy.

3. You must embrace the name of your spec – Enhancement. You will support your partners in every way possible specially through instant heals.

4. Learn to accept the reality for what it is. Do not get carried away because you one-shotted an enemy that had blown all of their cooldowns and was in a very dire situation. This will harm your awareness. This is something Enhancement Shamans can't afford to do.

5. Bloodlust doesn't mean recklessness. It means elevated results. Don't get blinded when you activate it. Use it smartly. Sometimes, it's more important to heal than damage.

These are strictly for PvP. I will myself write an entire PvE guide on Enhancement later on when I have more time.

Thank you for reading. Thank you, Ribbaz, for trying to help a lot of new shamans in the server. Kudos, brother. =)
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Re: [GUIDE] Ribbaz's Enhancement PvP guide

#8 » Post by ribbaribbahey » 03 Mar 2012 00:12

Legen...wait for it...dary! Thanks for your insert here bro. I know your pve guide will be exemplary,i'm waiting to fill my pve ignorance :D

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Re: [GUIDE] Ribbaz's Enhancement PvP guide

#9 » Post by ~Yushimitsu~ » 13 Apr 2012 11:15

I was actually thinking of beginning my enhancement PvP spec and after reading what you wrote (Ribbaz and Discarnate) i think it'll kinda be easy :D
And since i have a bit of experience with enhancement PvP from 70-79s BGs... this will be a lot more easier for me lol

Tnx a lot for this ^^

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Re: [GUIDE] Ribbaz's Enhancement PvP guide

#10 » Post by ribbaribbahey » 31 Aug 2012 13:28

http://wow335.gamestool.net/shamant.php ... 0000000000
I forgot to post the very base of the spec (^)
Spending 2 more talents in enha, you will unlock the talents under lava lash's tier:fill them all,they're all essenctial.

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Re: [GUIDE] Ribbaz's Enhancement PvP guide

#11 » Post by Sunnyside » 21 Sep 2012 09:29

This is such a great guide guys! It helped me allot! i also started a Beastcleve 2v2 recently and im loving it! not doing so bad at all.
Thanx for all the help!

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Re: [GUIDE] Ribbaz's Enhancement PvP guide

#12 » Post by ribbaribbahey » 21 Sep 2012 13:13

Thank you and you're welcome.
While i was playing beastcleave i've come up with an idea.The hunter wasnt being able to trap with frost trap launch because he was lacking scatter shot,so i tought about a macro:making the pet charge,then make it use the stun so the target won't move,and only then casting frost trap launch.The only problem is that unlike scatter shot,the stun doesnt make the target walk around.I think it's done by purpose because the traps sometimes dont work if you are on it and move immediatly away.The macro should be something like this:
/castsequence charge,intimidation,trap launch
I dont know how to make it cast such spells on the focus in a castsequence macro,sorry.
it's wise anyway to have the abilities still binded one by one too.

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Re: [GUIDE] Ribbaz's Enhancement PvP guide

#13 » Post by ribbaribbahey » 25 Sep 2012 20:50

Freezing arrow*

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My Enhancement PvP guide

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Re: [GUIDE] Ribbaz's Enhancement PvP guide

#14 » Post by Cover25 » 25 Sep 2012 20:55

Ribbs, would you know anything of pve shamans :D? My shamans is going to be enhance MS and resto OS.

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Re: [GUIDE] Ribbaz's Enhancement PvP guide

#15 » Post by ribbaribbahey » 25 Sep 2012 22:21

Nice!But i'm sorry i don't know much about pve.I know that the stat to stack are haste and AP,and there's something like a crit cap :i'd say that the lower one is around 33% to keep flurry active at all times,but having 40% lowers the chances you will have some uncovered hits.Having more than that doesn't improve the dps like using those slots for haste.Remember that more hits=moar maelstrom=moar lightning bolt spam!
The very few times i went raiding with a pve spec (lol) it was this one
http://wow335.gamestool.net/shamant.php ... 0000000000
You could choose for a selfish one removing the talents of the totems and filling ancestral knownledge and impr shields if in your raid there's always a frost dk.The 1st tier's totem talents are also handy for the +sp when lacking some classes in 10man. Anyway enhancers do the buffs of MMs and DKs! That's why every raiding guild should have atleast one.
Anyway raid's buffs > your e-pen,let warriors and rogues piss their panties with the dps you'll give them.
About the "rotation" (priority list) look above at MissDeath's answer :P

PS:keep in mind that 2xWindfury works only because the internal CD used to be broken.Else every WF proc triggers a 3 sec interna CD while none of your weapons's 2 enchants can proc.

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My Enhancement PvP guide

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