Holy priest.

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Holy priest.

#1 » Post by Wilcox » 10 Feb 2013 23:35

I'm re-starting priests but naturally, almost everything I was adept of are gone.Gotta start off somewhere though.

http://www.truewow.org/armory/talent-ca ... 0000000000

I made this build. Think it's any good? Why/why not? Any advices you'd like to give? Glyph advices? Please feel free to share with me :)

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Re: Holy priest.

#2 » Post by innocentguy » 11 Feb 2013 03:16

Well... As much as I am reluctant to help you because of your Horde / Ally / Horde / Ally nonsense... I did make a post about holy priest build ( http://www.truewow.org/forum/viewtopic. ... 218#p94218 ) and it would be a waste not to share i guess.

Talking about your talents... (I assume you are talking about PvE Holy)

First and foremost lets tackle the disc tree.

Improved PW: S [Tier 3 Disc]
Really unnecessary for holy in my opinion. Without Borrowed Time [Tier 10 Disc], PW: S is extremely weak and barely shields anything. You can easily top that with Renew which also happens to be a priest's only HoT. Holy priests should never be shielding, especially if there is a disc priest in the raid whose shields are much better and are also prevented from being applied by another priest's Weakened Soul debuff.

Mental Agility [Tier 4 Disc]
This is an ok talent... BUT I would suggest Improved Healing [Tier 4 Holy] or Flash of Light [Tier 6 Holy] instead. Your only instant casts heals (ignoring PW: S) are Renew, CoH and PoM, all of which are mana friendly by nature.

GH on the other hand costs alot of mana but is viable for throughput with Serendipity stacks, which makes Improved Healing [Tier 4 Holy] a nice talent to have. A tip for maximizing GH (which in my opinion is more mana efficient than FH without 4P) would be to start the cast early in anticipation of the tank needing heals and cancelling it if the heal isn't needed in the end.

Flash of Light [Tier 6 Holy] is great for mana conservation. There is a more or less 100% chance for it to proc with CoH after you pass a certain amount of GS and a free FH which procs Serendipity that can subsequently be used to cast a fast GH or PoH... Why not...?


Glyph CoH of course. Not really necessary for dungeons (unless you're totally pissed off at the heal going on someone's pet like i was) but totally fantastic for raids.

Glyph FH if you use it alot.

Glyph PoH if you use it alot.

I suggest Glyph-ing Guardian Spirit. The 1 min cd makes it totally smexy. Drop it with Renew on someone and you can ignore him =)

I did Glyph Renew as a low geared Hpriest (I love Renew) to give it more throughput. Renew is mana efficient as it heals for GH amounts with half the mp cost. And no cooldown!

Holy Tree...

I'm not going to talk about the Holy tree because I've already made a really long post about it so... But however I strongly suggest Desperate Prayer [Tier 3 Holy]. I see alot of priests who don't have it and I think that is such a shame. Desperate Prayer is an instant cast lifesaver that heals 7k on disc with 12k crit and if i recall my holy days 12k and 20k crit. Desperate Prayer has saved my life on so many occasions.

One thing I can suggest is dropping a few talents that improve throughput and taking ones that conserve mana if you are low-geared. Examples are Holy Reach [Tier 4] and Inspiration [Tier 3]... These are great talents that do nothing to conserve your mana and also add only a little throughput.

Go read my long post. Kthxbye.
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Re: Holy priest.

#3 » Post by Nyaneve » 11 Feb 2013 05:35

I've also noticed that you've ignored Empowered Renew. IMO its completely pointless taking Imp. Renew without Emp. Renew, for obvious reasons.
Also, the only reason one should take Divine Fury is if you're planning to use Greater Heal often. That talent coupled with Serendipty brings down the cast time of GH by a LOT. Also, Imp. Healing makes GH a whole lot more mana-friendly too.
Blessed Resilience is a must-have due to the 3% healing buff. But if you think that is low, the buff to healing from Test of Faith isn't bad either. It helps in fights with a lot of burst damage, and it was a mandatory talent during Ulduar progression.
As innocent said, Imp. PW:S is unneeded due to the relatively weak shield that holy possesses. OFC, in the absence of a Disc priest, you should always try to shield the MT and OT, along with any others that are prone to taking heavy damage, but it is not your greatest concern as you still have that CD to worry about.

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Re: Holy priest.

#4 » Post by Wilcox » 11 Feb 2013 11:35

Thanks for the replies, guys.

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