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Primal WOW: Discipline Priest Tuning

Posted: 16 Jul 2018 02:21
by flosr1
Is Discipline Priest tuning still being considered?

the following announcement sais:
"Discipline - call for testing! At this time, we do not have sufficient data from active Discipline Priest enthusiasts. We can see they aren't as popular or viable as Holy Priests, so please, help us figure out why. If we can gather sufficient data before the next pre-patch, we'd love to make changes to this class spec!"

I was really glad about that pre-patch announcement and it actually convinced me to come back from inactivity. It really seems lots of things have changed positively. I really would like a disc priest tuning tho. i don't play priest as a main and my priest alt is not even discipline main spec, but that spec really deserves tuning. no one wants to play it for obvious reasons. it has not been viable since primal wow started. some people claim it is viable enough. i disagree. it might be viable in 25m raids or in karazhan, now that it is nerved or on farm. but i don't see disc priest working in zul aman time runs (and not even in magister's terrace heroic) for example, along with a 2 healer setup. so no, it is far from being viable.
one staff member convinced me to share some of my ideas. that guy is not so active anymore and i know he doesn't have the time. i do not blame him. but it would be great if someone else can take over that task.

i spent lots of my free time to test stuff again and i wrote a really long and detailed text to that guy what is causing the issues and what could be doine about it. i talked with other priests etc.
fabulous tested it also, and we kinda had similar ideas what needs to be changed
please, don't let this effort be for nothing.

Re: Primal WOW: Discipline Priest Tuning

Posted: 16 Jul 2018 02:30
by IronSharona
Yes, of course!

Feel free to send me anything you have about which spells are not working well enough or what could be adjusted to better fit in with raids. I'm not sure who it was that you were talking with before, but please know my inbox is always open to you (and everyone else) and I'm happy to make sure your thoughts and work do not go to waste.

Black Temple is still far enough out that if you have suggestions, we could possibly have them available on PTR during the Black Temple player test and try out both the raid and Disc Priest viability at once. Even if the timing does not prove suitable for that, we should certainly have a decent starting point for tuning finished by pre-patch release.

Re: Primal WOW: Discipline Priest Tuning

Posted: 01 Sep 2018 10:03
by flosr1
any news about disc priest tuning yet? what did you guys try so far?

Re: Primal WOW: Discipline Priest Tuning

Posted: 07 Sep 2018 15:47
by flosr1