PvP Healing (Priest)

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PvP Healing (Priest)

#1 » Post by offheal » 09 Nov 2015 13:30

I have not played priest anywhere other than 1.12 patch, so i am new to wotlk mechanics.
Yet, i want to discuss here why i consider priest a weak/hard class to play in pvp.

Since i played classic priest, i am familiar with all available spells and know few handy tricks to gain advantage. But.
In current talent/skill state we lack defensive abilities, in most cases i find my self being targeted withough any option to escape, and since our ability to heal with pvp nerf is declining comparing to better gear enemy gets, in some cases i am even unable to keep my self up.
I suppose, that wotlk priest is supposed to be taking beating constantly and surviving purely by shields, hots and heals here and there.
Comparing to other healing classes, every one has few strong defensive cooldowns.

Overview from my perspective:

Priest have:
*Psychic Scream - beyond actual fear is good for taking few yards of distance before removed (and fall though textures oh lel)
*Mind Vision- better avoid fights you cant win :), also works great vs stealthed classes.
*Silence(shadow tree) - very strong, prevents crazy caster burst, allows you take a breather to dispell, dot, run away.
*Power Word: Shield - some may argue that with this babe priest are already op as fuck, yet with lich king changes
it now gives rage to warriors, and make geared enemy unbeatable.
*Dispell Magic - well, you know, you are not stupid.
*Mind Control - w/o infusion very long cast, easly outranged and losed, but its strong one to reposition enemy, using dots combo and other.
*Holy Nova - 10 yard untalanted unstealther (vs 15 sap?) also nice to gather crits and doing instant dmg/heals.
*other spells like Inner Fire, Heals not worth mentioning

As we see priests are not able to gain range for safety, only prevent from beeing cought up, and it is in my opinion is main weakness, since we rely heavily on casts.

Playing versus different gear levels changes fights drasticly, thats why i cant say that priests need healing nerf lowered, but in some cases fights are absurly unbalanced and without defensive capability
*-50% healing - warrior, rogue and hunter, its simply hard, not absurd. in most cases can be avoided. Warrior outranged, Rogues are weak overall, hunters can be losed and dotted. Worth mentioning that MSed Flash heal 1.4 sec cast does 350 healing.
*PvP damage nerf vs healing nerf- currenly Mages do nearly as much damage as i could do healing, but with good gear and knowledge how to pressure you get simplty overwhelmed, same goes for hunters and warriors.

Overall priest pvp is "all or nothing", you cant pop your skill and reset a fight, or heal up through, if you fail and get school locked you are most likely dead, its a methodical fight.
Once priest learns how to fight (or atleast survive) versus exped players, you start winning newbies with such ease, that you question need for rebalancing healing.
Currently i am using mixed build that can minimize priests weak sides
Since Reflective shield can crit, it has a chance to proc free smite/flash heal. It come really handy when dealing with rapid small dmg like hunters or rogues, or paladin, any returned dmg can crit: garrote, dots, aoe, consecration.
Also it has some fun benefits, like puttin target in combat and prevening them to stealth/mount up when respawned.
Not getting 15% intelect and 6% haste does not hurt that much, 0.1 flash heal and ~0.2 great heal.

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Re: PvP Healing (Priest)

#2 » Post by Oivster » 09 Nov 2015 14:26

Inb4 OP ninja a pattern

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