best seal for a ret pally PVP and PVE

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Re: best seal for a ret pally PVP and PVE

#16 » Post by Justicelight » 17 Sep 2013 19:18

For pvp:

SoR - when you want huge instant burst (up to 12k damage done in pvp in one hit)

SoV - Stack this using a 1hand weapon then switch to 2h to burst. This has greater burst than SoR only when 5 stacks are on the target. But the chance to do good damage rely on enemy parry/dodge/block rating and also on how much damage he can absorb.

SoC - very good for pvp also, but you have to be careful with it. In order to not break cc of other nearby enemies you must take care when you damage to put the enemy you want to atack in a 180 degree radius. Anyone who is in that 180 degree radius will get damaged. The downside of SoC is that the seal can actually be blocked/parried/dodged. The upside of this seal is that, this is the only seal which can critically hits and when it does critically hits unleashes 200% damage. (PS: you need to stack some crit gems in order to make this seal more effective - few agility offsets will work too).

For PvE:

SoV - best damaging seal in all encounters.
SoC - best aoe seal, and nice instant damage (for mobs with low hp, if you want to attack them before other players kills them; for example: marrowar 25man raid Bone Spikes)
SoR - In pve, this is a good replacement for SoC (if you don`t have it specced). Also this seal seems to proc Taj trinket on every atack.
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