Protection Paladin Pre-Bis/Consume/Talent Guide

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Protection Paladin Pre-Bis/Consume/Talent Guide

#1 » Post by mccracke » 14 Nov 2015 19:59


Head - ZG Enchant > 100 HP
Enchanted Thorium Helm
(Crafting - Blacksmithing)
Golem Skull Helm
(Magmus - BRD)
Gyth's Skull
(Gyth - UBRS)

Medallion of Grand Marshal Morris
(World Drop | Check AH | GBank)

Shoulder - ZG Enchant > 5 All Resist
Stockade Pauldrons
(World Drop | Check AH | GBank)

Back - 5 All Resist | 7 FR | 70 Armor
Redoubt Cloak
(Tribute Chest - DM:N)

Chest - 100 HP
Deathbone Chestplate
(Mini Bosses - Scholomance)
Enchanted Thorium Breastplate
(Crafted - Blacksmithing)
Warrior's Embrace
(Avatar of Hakkar - Sunken Temple)

Wrist - 5 D-Rating | 9 Stam
Fel Hardened Bracers
(Lord Hel'nurath - DM:W)
Random Dungeon Finder Bracers with D-Rating & Stam

Gloves - 5 D-Rating
Deathbone Gauntlets
(Mini Bosses - Scholomance)
Stonegrip Gauntlets
(World Drop | Check AH | GBank)

Deathbone Girdle
(Mini Bosses - Scholomance)
Stalwart Clutch
(Lord Incendius Quest - BRD)

Legs - ZG Enchant > 100 HP
Deathbone Legguards
(Mini Bosses - Scholomance)

Boots - 5 D-Rating | 7 Stam > Minor Speed
Deathbone Sabatons
(Mini Bosses - Scholomance)

(Golem Lord Argelmach - BRD)
Drakeclaw Band x2 (bear/monkey)
(Green Drakes - Sunken Temple)
Hardened Stone Band
(Avalanchion - Azshara | Check AH | GBank)
Myrmidon's Signet
(World Drop | Check AH | GBank)

PvP +20 Resil Trinket
(~34k Honor - Org/SW)
Force of Will
(General Angerforge - BRD)

Weapon - 15 Agility
Hand of Edward the Odd
(World Drop | Check AH | GBank)

Shield - 10 Block Rating | 7 Stamina
Draconian Deflector
(General Drakkisath - UBRS)
Force Reactive Disk
(Crafting - Engineering)

Libram of Truth
(Magmus - BRD)

*NOTE - Keep your pre-bis even after you start to acquire raiding upgrades. There are many situations where D-Rating can be shifted around to acquire the MOST stamina possible. It's recommended to acquire both Deathbone Chestplate and Enchanted Thorium Breastplate for this very reason.

Also you will want the full Deathbone Set to keep your gearing options flexible and to always utilize the 2-set bonus of +5 D-Rating.

CONSUMABLES (minimum per raid)

-Brilliant Wizard Oil x 1 (at least 4 charges)

-Flask of Titans x 5

-Rumsey Rum Black Label x 15

-Green Gordok Grog x 15

-Cooked Glossy Mightfish x 20

-Major Healing Potion x 10

-Major Mana Potion x 5

-Greater Stoneshield Potion x 10

-Greater X Resistance Potion x 10 (as needed)


This spec or similar: TrueWoW Tree


Defense Cap 5.60%(423 rating + PvP trinket or 440 rating) > Stamina > Agility/Strength > Spell Power

Please post any comments, questions, improvements to this Pre-Bis list as a reply and I will address each issue to my best ability and will update the list as necessary.

Written by: <Murmur> Imagine

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Re: Protection Paladin Pre-Bis/Consume/Talent Guide

#2 » Post by Errorista » 24 Nov 2015 20:38

Defense Cap 5.60%(423 rating + PvP trinket or 440 rating)
Resil trinket doesnt really help because resilience doesnt work in PvE environment atm so you still need 440 defense rating.

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Re: Protection Paladin Pre-Bis/Consume/Talent Guide

#3 » Post by .kurthos » 27 Nov 2015 22:04

It seems to be working on primal.

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Re: Protection Paladin Pre-Bis/Consume/Talent Guide

#4 » Post by zactacular » 28 Nov 2015 07:36

Does the "Pursuit of Justice" talent have any PvE utility or is it for the convenience of speed and a slight PvP bonus?

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Re: Protection Paladin Pre-Bis/Consume/Talent Guide

#5 » Post by mccracke » 29 Nov 2015 02:46

+20 Resil currently gives +0.7% reduced chance to be crit, uncrittable is 5.6% with 423 defense you have 4.90%~, the sum is "uncrittable" on Primal as Kurthos mentioned.

As for the Pursuit of Justice talent, these are points where you can argue they're better in many other options. Imp Might, Vindication, Convinction (?), Benediction (?), you get the point. I like PoJ for a couple reasons, and I'll then explain the pros/cons of the other talents and you can make the Paladin judgement call yourself.

PoJ - 15% mounted and movement speed, 50% disarm reduction
Pros: The speed is better than minor speed to boots, very nice for positioning mobs/bosses, reaching tanking locations, movement intense boss fights. Mounted is an added bonus. If mobs Disarm in BWL then the reduction is very worth imo, as of now its meh (not needed). Big pro, you can enchant your boots with +7 stam!

Imp Might - equivalent to Warrior Imp Battle Shout
Pros: DPS Warrior's can spec into other talents if a single Paladin in the raid has 2 points in this. Preferably on a Holy Paladin, or Ret if you're carrying one along.
Cons: not worth

Vindication - reduced enemies attack power by MORE than Warrior Imp Demoralizing Shout (not sure exact number)
Myself and Silver (aka Stacy) determined this talent is only worth speccing into when you have multiple Paladins that have it. The proc rate is below average and unreliable. That was from what we tested live on PrimalWoW's server (not PTR). Although, if this talent was sustainable by a single Paladin, it would arguably be better than PoJ (or better yet maybe we can get both). And Prot Warrior's also gain 2 talent points to use elsewhere (like Imp Might), usually # Prot Warriors > # Prot Paladins in your raid comp so the #'s make sense.

Convinction/Benediction: If you want to get 5 points in either of these you probably can but I would not suggest doing so as a Prot Paladin. And with just the 2 points from PoJ, these two are not even close to being worth.

Divine Strength - Increases STR by 15%
This talent is only worth 5 points when you have multiple bis pieces from the current available content. Strength isn't nearly large enough on a Paladin with pre-bis gear to be worth 5 points.

Hope this helps!
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Re: Protection Paladin Pre-Bis/Consume/Talent Guide

#6 » Post by mccracke » 29 Nov 2015 02:53

As for PvP, it's incredible, but you wouldn't be PvP'ing as Prot anyways. I'd highly recommend it on your Holy/PvP spec^^

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