Weird xp gains with R-a-F

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Weird xp gains with R-a-F

#1 » Post by FunkylPunk » 28 Jul 2022 11:51

So i referred a friend and together we started off by putting xp rate to x1, because we want a more blizzlike experience. However, we seem to be getting x2 or even more than x2 xp from quests (not sure about mobs). It says we get 700 zp from a quest, we give in about 4 or 5 of them and yet we level up a full 8000xp bar. For now we set the rate to x0.5 so that it counteracts the weird xp boost, but we aren't sure if we are getting exactly x1 rate or something like x1.25/x1.5.
It also would be helpful to know any other chat commands that are exclusive to this server.

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Re: Weird xp gains with R-a-F

#2 » Post by andriuspel » 28 Jul 2022 13:09

Well, RaF system, if you both are in range while leveling, it applies extra XP bonuses, that way is intentional.
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