[PW] Pre-raid Tank Gear

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[PW] Pre-raid Tank Gear

#1 » Post by candre23 » 17 May 2016 20:55

I went looking for some guidance on pre-raid bear tanking gear, and was surprised that no thread existed. I found several threads discussing options elsewhere, compared them, and added a few things to give options from alternate sources, and linked them to our armory. This list isn't complete by any definition, but I think it's a good starting point. If any of these items are not attainable on PW for whatever reason, please let me know.
Stat priority (according to the wisdom of the internet - I didn't do the math):
Armor > Stam > Agi > Dodge > Def > Str

Bone Ring Helm (Rattlegore, scholo)
Shadowcraft Cap (Gandling, scholo)
Tattered Leather Hood (BoE scholo random drop)

Amulet of the Darkmoon (1200 darkmoon tickets)
Master Sergeant's Insignia (PvP reward)
Slim pickings for necks - you may have to settle for an "of the monkey" green

Golden Mantle of the Dawn (BoE Crafted)
Dragonhide Spaulders/Epaulets (PvP reward)
Wyrmtongue Shoulders (Balnazzar, strath)

Sergeant's Cape (PvP reward)
Cloak of Warding (BoE crafted)

Breastplate of Bloodthirst (multi-dungeon quest)
Warbear Harness (BoE crafted)

Malefic Bracers (BoE scholo random drop)
Magistrate's Cuffs (Barthilas, strath)

Slaghide Gauntlets of the Monkey (Doomhowl, BRS)
Plaguebat Fur Gloves (BoE strath random drop)

Molten Belt (BoE crafted)
Lava Belt (BoE crafted)
Frostbite Girdle (Ras, scholo)

Warstrife Leggings (Angerforge, BRD)
Shadowcraft Pants (Baron, strath)
Dragonhide Leggings (PvP reward)

Ash Covered Boots (Galford, strath)
Dawn Treaders (BoE crafted)

Ring of Protection (EP quest)
Thrall's Resolve (horde only quest)
Naglering (Argelmach, BRD)
Myrmidon's Signet (BoE world drop)
Band of Icy Depths (Bronze dragonflight quest chain)

Mark of Tyranny (BRS quest)
Smoking Heart of the Mountain (BoP Enchanting)
Vigilance Charm (Immolthar, DM)

Warden Staff (BoE world drop)
Unyielding Maul (DM tribute)

Idol of Brutality (Barthilas, strath)
Idol of Ferocity (Roccor, BRD)

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Re: [PW] Pre-raid Tank Gear

#2 » Post by Fitzpatrick » 17 May 2016 23:30

On this server, you will only receive bonus armor in bearform from cloth and leather items (not rings, trinket, neck, or weapon slots). Also, you receive considerable AP boosts (for ferals) for weapons over about 54 dps and weapon procs work in forms.

Also, stat priorities will have changed from a 1.12 build. For example, crit also gives you absorption.

Thus, great items in Vanilla (like Warden Staff or Mark of Tyranny) may not be so good here. Gunnis made a good list on our DTP forums but i wont post it here without his permission. Maybe he will )

Good luck gearing up, it aint easy for ferals!
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Re: [PW] Pre-raid Tank Gear

#3 » Post by Deim » 18 May 2016 12:51

it's been up for some time on forums and wasn't that hard to find, bis feral tank gear included afaik
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