Blood talents: What's bugged and what not

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Blood talents: What's bugged and what not

#1 » Post by Deathswalker » 06 Mar 2013 19:24

Hello everybody, I've been checking on Yinx what blood talents work and which ones don't. If you have any additional info please post it here, so I can update the list for other death knight's possibly going blood.

Bugged talents:
-Dancing Rune Weapon. For your strikes it does work (50% of damg), however, the diseases/auto attack seem to be bugged.

Possibly bugged
-Bloodworms: not sure, but i doubt you should take this. With my gear they healed for about 70 average, meaning one death strike is WAAAAY over that.
-Will of the Necropolis. As the tooltip would suggest, it only reduces damg for attacks that take you below. I'd like to note, after testing that ALL DAMAGE below 35% has the 15% absorb effect.

I know this doesn't seem like much, but I'd like to get an image of how bugged blood is right now. Right now I have the following spec: ... YO3e,11723

Any suggestions?
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Re: Blood talents: What's bugged and what not

#2 » Post by Arashikage » 08 Aug 2013 13:03

Alright.From the looks of this, it seems you want to use this spec for PvP. With that in mind, here is my feedback on the matter:
1. For starters, blood isn't really a pvp spec that needs any sort of skill to play. Its a cant kill cant die turtle spec that's fun for dueling but on a BG or in the arena its very easy to get outplayed.
2. The damage is considerable, yet nothing exceptional for anything other than a duel. What is exceptional however is the healing. But, seasoned casters will have no problem keeping you away while they wear you down.
3. Now if you still wish to play blood as a PvP spec, here's a hybrid one that is unbeatable 1v1 ... 0000000000
But this is my opinion on the matter. And as far as bugs go, since blood is about outlasting your opponent, the bugs such as rune weapon and bloodworms dont hinder your endurance in any way so no need to worry bout that.

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Re: Blood talents: What's bugged and what not

#3 » Post by Myaoming » 08 Aug 2013 14:37

I can confirm that Dancing Rune Weapon is bugged.
For Bloodworms, they are supposed to deal ~30-70 damage, and heal for 150% of the damage caused. I tested it, and this part is working like a charm. The thing is, only 1 Bloodworm is spawning, not 2-4...
And from what I know, Will of the Necropolis is working fine.
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