How to kill a Mage

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How to kill a Mage

#1 » Post by Hellric » 24 Jun 2011 14:19

How can i kill a frost mage or arcane mage

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Re: How to kill a Mage

#2 » Post by Tuffeyy » 25 Jun 2011 18:33

Poke them with the pointy end of your sword

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Re: How to kill a Mage

#3 » Post by Mithrandir » 26 Jun 2011 23:53

Tuffeyy wrote:Poke them with the pointy end of your sword
He may be using an axe or mace. What do we do in those cases? I am really stuck... :|

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Re: How to kill a Mage

#4 » Post by NikolaS » 02 Jul 2011 22:49

Since this is a Dk section I'm assuming the question is how to kill a frost mage with a Dk.

That's tricky if the mage is good.
The main thing is that you must time your cd's with his.
You must counter his moves with yours.

DO NOT open with Dg,ever!

Start your burst with Ams on you.You will brake his bubble and he will probably waste Frost nova.
So that's two immobilisations down for some time.Dg ONLY when he blinks away and while hes airborne apply chains so hes stuck there for some hits from you.

Use your Medallion on next frost nova and run to him,he will Cone you but you still chain him so hes slower.He will blink again and then you use Strangulate while walking to him to pass the time between your Dg cd and on the next Blink you can Dg again.

If he pops Mirror image just use Pestilence for extra aoe dmg.
If he tries to cast close just Mind freeze him and all is fine.

Now your all out and he Novas you again and start casting.Now,do not use Dg,save it for the next Blink.Use your pets abilities,first make it jump to him and interrupt his cast with stun,that will buy you some more time.

Next Blink you Dg while chains on and so on till' he dies.
Also time your Frost bound fortitude so you don't get stunned.

Done this on my Dk many times and it works.
Try it out.
And don't panic.You are in control. :mrgreen:

If i missed out anything and i notice it I'll add it asap.
All comment are welcome.

*These tips are for Unholy spec.*

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Re: How to kill a Mage

#5 » Post by Gaiseric » 03 Jul 2011 14:13

Well,they have Ice Block and Deep Freeze,which buys them time for their CD's,water elemental with additional slow,no diminishing return on frost nova.Most of the time when I do things that you stated,they still just frost nova me and WALK away from my melee range.You really need to have all your CD's in a mage fight,and sometimes it's not enough because they do too much dmg.After all,they are called glass cannons for a reason xD.

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Re: How to kill a Mage

#6 » Post by Deathsbreach » 04 Jul 2011 13:21

Well this is how I pwn mages with my Unholy DK:
As a starting note, I suggest you take Improved Mind Freeze, which makes you Mind Freeze cost no Runic Power.

Don't EVER use DG in the start, as mentioned before.
Just DoT the mage and keep pwning him untill he casts Blink.
After the first blink, DG him.
If he starts casting a spell(Not insta-cast), Mind Freeze him.
If he blinks again, Strangulate him.
If your DPS sucks and he gets to blink AGAIN, Use Anti-Magic Shell. If you didn't reach him by the time the shell resists, use Anti-Magic zone (Unholy spec spell.)
If you didn't beat him by now, you probably lost and you need better gear and need to read this over and over again until you learn this strategy.
Hope I helped =D

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