Corruption Guild lead change request

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Corruption Guild lead change request

#1 » Post by Electrone » 07 May 2022 19:05

Hiya everyone

After taking a quite long break (several years :S ) I came back to play the game I love but noticed the people i left in charge after transferring here years ago all kinda quit playing
So i would love to take charge of my guild again but since the guildleader and all the officers haven't been online for 3 to 6 years , i cant ask them to pass me the guild lead
So i would like to ask this way if any of the people in charge of the guild could log on or contact the guild leader to pass it to me or if the staff team could help me out on this one

Kind regards
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Re: Corruption Guild lead change request

#2 » Post by Cherub » 10 May 2022 18:11

Your request was approved. Please open ticket in-game at your earliest convenience for guild lead request.

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