Do Raids Happen On TW?

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Do Raids Happen On TW?

#1 » Post by Joh0239 » 03 Oct 2017 18:38

A lot of people log TW and wonder if we still do raids and they usually doubt when we say we do. Therefore, here is some small proof that raids still happen:

Icc10hc Full Bane Clear Proof:

Icc25n/ToC25n/EoE25/Ony25 Proof (VoA25 happened aswell but that ID got reseted)

ID Proof:

We even managed to do icc25n last Saturday which was really an accomplishment considering a lot of people couldn't raid. There is always 1 raid per day on TW, it's usually Icc/ToC10n/hc runs but over the last couple of weeks more old/new players have started to log so we have started doing 25 raids aswell.

TW usually have around 30-40 players on peak times around 8 pm st, and around 25-32 players who are level 80.

So there are still raids that are going on, not just gearing raids like ToC/Icc, but every mount raid (OS/Ony/EoE/VoA) but also achievement raids like Uld/Naxx.
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Re: Do Raids Happen On TW?

#2 » Post by m2oenergym2o » 03 Oct 2017 22:35

Also we encourage people to get back, so we can do more 25man runs on icc/rs/toc/nax/uld and so on.

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