It's been a long run..

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It's been a long run..

#1 » Post by Naljs » 31 May 2017 19:32

Most of you probably don't know me so well, as the major part that did know me here has quit a long time ago.
In september it's been 10 years since I started my WoW journey. My characters current status is offline, I find very little time and motivation to play the game these days as real life has taken over. It's been maybe 2 years since I was actually active here, but I've kept an eye on the forums to see the server's development. I still hope that the server one day will flourish back to life so I can find motivation to come back and play my characters in fun BG sprees every day!

I was one of the players that merged here from Bloodcraft, back there most people knew me as Tease, Popup or Voo. Tease has since changed name, race and spec, from a Discipline Draenei to a Shadow Nelf, now known as Shadowclasm.
I've had a great run with many of the players on both BC and TW, and some enemies have even turned into friends just as some friends has turned into enemies. Some people have been my sincere arena partners, and some have been my sworn enemies in arena. The latter part dates back to BC only.
I've always been a PvP-set player, and really held little to no regards for PvE whatsoever. But, as it turned out, I still ended up doing PvE and my rogue Popup was hated back on BC because I was lucky enough to win all the rolls in the ToCr release and maxed out my gear within 3-4 weeks of hitting 80. That didn't help me much in PvP, however..
Special shoutout to Darthmoo/Shaderaven and Greensmoker/Suave (Boxis) for giving the most rewarding arena fights I've ever had. Lost all fights to those 2 specific teams, but God those games were fun. Love playing against that kind of competence!

One reason I'm writing this post is because I have loads of old screenshots I'd like to share with you guys. Most are of old scoreboards from BG's and Arena, others are just funny moments. Proud moments, SS'd with the intent to share with the community one day, and now I'm inactive enough so I can share it hopefully without anyone shouting I'm trying to brag with the achievements.
I'll include the screenshots once I've uploaded them, right now I'm just writing this post to get me started.

I also want to say thanks to the players who have given me a good stay here, and to the Staff for keeping a cool and proffessional mind even when dealing with the most immature people.

Some of my charcters include:
Shadowclasm - 80 priest (formerly Tease)
Voo - 80 paladin
Popup - 80 rogue
Nejlika - 80 druid (formerly Kebnekaise)
Mygrain - 80 hunter
Anxiety - 80 death knight
Melin - 80 mage
Gothia - 80 warrior
Atmosfear - 80 warlock

On Tease I started my arena journey with a quite good warlock called Hames. Later I had a new rogue partner, Bix, and we had a really good run. I then withdrew, having achieved my goals on priest, and now started focusing on my paladin. Reached 2.2k (or so) as holy with my elemental shaman partner Djux. Twas fun to faceroll for a time. Later - more facerolling with Salomas (later known as Spark) a feral druid that managed to anger a lot of players with his immortal playstyle. Alright, faceroll over. Now rogue, going with my old friend I met when I first started WoW, Holydje! He's known under many names, Dje, Djejah, Ulysses, Apocalypsion, Alida to name a few - he was also the one controlling Salomas/Spark when we were teamed up. Sadly we didn't have time to achieve my goal before the merge, with a team rating ranked first at 2300+, my personal rating was only 1970 on rogue as I had joined a 2k rated team. Sadly never got that 2k achievement, as I stopped playing the rogue as well after the merge.
Went Shadow on my priest, teamed up with an enhance shaman named Slate and had a good run to 2k+ something rating. These games were really fun and required coordination - I'd recommend people to try it out! So many tactics to try out vs different teams.
This is pretty much where my arena journey ended. I've played some games with different players after, but nothing really satisfied anymore, until I teamed up with Noxicus on my Voo and we met Greensmoker/Suave. Holy molly I was shaking in excitement after the games - despite losing them! The record we lasted were almost 12 minutes, and I'm damn proud of those -almost- 12 minutes!

After this I moved to another server with another dear friend whom most of you know as Seljo/Gaidin/Fern/Nazad. He went under the name of Bladesong, I had my hpal Divinefury, and oh god we had some really good games. Sadly server lags made me unable to dodge CC (getting sheeped behind pillars etc) so I quit playing there as well. We moved on to a relatively new-reformed server that was under a different name after rallying Arena Tournament into its ranks. Sadly, this server had bugs of its own, spells went unusable in arenas and we all got frustrated over it and ended up leaving that place as well..

Now I'm hungering to come back to my loved characters on TrueWoW, but the population is not motivation enough for me. Once the population grows, however, I will be back. I hope. And then I'll have a computer where I won't be hampered by keys not working simultaneously with other keys (that's seriously an issue when you have 60+ keybinds) and I won't be lagging around with 5 fps or 750 ms!
I miss this place, I do hope I get the motivation to log back on and have BG sprees here once more in the future.

Godspeed, fellas!
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Re: It's been a long run..

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Re: It's been a long run..

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