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Toravon drop change

Posted: 13 Oct 2022 14:07
by araukaria

While im playing here for just few week i did do some VoA runs (mostly 10man) and i still haven't even once seen Tora drops any pve equipment.
What i have seen is that it drops 2 pvp parts on almost every kill.

I suggest that we change it's drop rate to guarantee 1pvp and 1pve part for every kill.
That is especially important as we play here definitely more on pve than pvp.
There should be around 20 variants of T10 set items, so you should still feel lucky gaining it.

Please comment and support.

Best regards Femeri

Re: Toravon drop change

Posted: 15 Oct 2022 23:59
by araukaria
Today was in the 25man mode, 3 drops all 3 pvp items.

While the other bosses do drop pve parts.

So 25 players, not even one lucky T10 drop. I don't if it's intended that way buy i suggest to guarantee at least 1 pve T10 drop.

Re: Toravon drop change

Posted: 16 Oct 2022 00:16
by Lightbearer
This is what WoWpedia says about VoA loot:
The bosses of the Vault of Archavon drop a random assortment of gear in a similar style as classic World of Warcraft before the expansions. Class-specific pieces can drop for both the PvE and PvP sets. The loot can be all PvP, PvE, or a mix of the two. The loot is completely random and is not impacted by the raid makeup, so it is advantageous to bring a variety of class/spec makeups to increase the likelihood that someone can actually use the drops.
So the current way we have it is how its was originally.

Re: Toravon drop change

Posted: 17 Oct 2022 17:23
by araukaria
Ok, thanks for the answer. It works like it should, so nothing to worry about.I guess it's just typical RNG problem. It will drop pve parts soon... hopefuly...