Brewfest for Level 70s.

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Brewfest for Level 70s.

#1 » Post by m0t3k » 13 Sep 2022 23:39

Hello, my suggestion is to add the Brewfest event for levels 70-77, with the trinket drops that were in TBC, with the rising number of level 70 twinks and people in that level bracket having fun, why not make something for us as well.
Here are the trinkets:

Direbrew Hops
Coren's Lucky Coin
Dark Iron Smoking Pipe
Empty Mug of Direbrew
Brightbrew Charm
Balebrew Charm

You could add a daily win of 2 EoT for example + the daily dungeon bonus XP to encourage people to queue.

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Re: Brewfest for Level 70s.

#2 » Post by Doctor_J » 20 Sep 2022 20:16

We can’t add custom queues to dungeon finder and this is for level 80, it was level 70 during TBC but when wotlk came out level was increased to level 80s and level 70 items where made unavailable to players who did not already have them (these where also available on primal wow before was merged into true wow just after wotlk launch.

If I remember you can queue and get rewards at level 75 but in order to use items you need to be level 80 also you can kill coren once you can enter BRD but you won’t get keg shaped treasure chest but you can still get items which drop directly from boss but as far as dungeon finder is concerned available dungeons are handled client side not server depending on your level and active events and we can’t add custom entries here.

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